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Cardiometabolic Health Congress: CME conference on hypertension, dyslipidemia, obesity, cardiovascular risk, atherosclerosis, kidney disease, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, cardiometabolic risk, cardiovascular diabetes biomarkers, educational meeting, CMHC 2014, CMHC 2015

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Distinguished Faculty

Biography: William B. White, MD
William White, MD Dr. William B. White has been the chief of hypertension and clinical pharmacology in the Calhoun Cardiology Center at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine for 28 years. In addition, Dr. White founded the Clinical Trials Unit at the University of Connecticut in 2000 and serves as its medical director. An active researcher in the area of clinical hypertension, clinical pharmacology of antihypertensive drugs and cardiac safety of non-cardiac drugs, Dr. White is the author of over 360 publications in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters in the area of clinical hypertension, pharmacology, and cardiovascular medicine. He is also author or editor of 5 medical textbooks in hypertension and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, founding editor-in-chief of the journal Blood Pressure Monitoring (in its 14th year) and sits on 8 editorial boards of journals in medicine, clinical pharmacology, and cardiology. Dr. White is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, Fellow of the American Heart Association and serves on the Board of Directors for the American Society of Hypertension.
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