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As the global cardiometabolic disease epidemic grows, clinicians face a rapidly expanding and aging patient population leaving them with an urgent need for professional education on the most current research, products, testing, tools and services to aid them in meeting this demand.

CMHC is a rare blend of Frontline Clinicians, Leading Investigators and Thought Leaders.

"This conference is designed for all members of the healthcare team so that we can work together to meet the needs of each individual patient to lead a long and healthy life. ~"

- Martha M. Funnell, MS, RN, CDE, Faculty

The CMHC provides unprecedented access to the largest U.S.-based multidisciplinary cardiometabolic risk summit of 1,300+ clinicians and world-renowned faculty. 60% of attendees are physicians and 30% are high level, prescribing allied health professionals actively practicing in the areas of cardiology, endocrinology, internal medicine, and primary care.

CMHC attendees are seeking the latest medical research into clinical approaches to prevent, delay and manage patients at increased cardiovascular and metabolic risk. 96% of participants indicate that they have changed how they manage this risk based on the expert-level education they received at the CMHC.

CMHC is more than a conference. It is a Complete Learning Experience.

"CMHC Boston is an unparalleled meeting - its exceptional faculty discussing a broad range of pertinent topics provides healthcare practitioners with a unique opportunity to learn a tremendous amount in a very short period of time.~ "

- Seth J. Baum, MD, Faculty

With no board certification, graduate or medical school training formally recognized in Cardiometabolic Medicine, and continuing education that is delivered in specialty specific silos, CMHC provides an integrated and comprehensive solution.

CMHC delivers more than education. It provides Access.

Your brand must have a presence among the most interested and enthusiastic group of healthcare providers who are on the front lines of the cardiometabolic disease epidemic!

"There is no better place to get access to as many experts and as much important cutting-edge information as we have here every October."

- Christie M. Ballantyne, MD, CMHC Chair

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Contact our sales team today: kathleen@cardiometabolichealth.org. Phone: 877.571.4700

CMHC Exhibit Hall

An exhibit booth is an investment as well as an engagement-and one that should begin reaping rewards the moment you submit your application. CMHC offers opportunities to engage with hundreds of leading clinicians and thought leaders before, during and after the Congress through our multimedia channels.

Who Should Exhibit?

Any company that wants to reach motivated, frontline clinicians involved in cardiometabolic risk management. CMHC attendees are diverse and multidisciplinary, yet they all share the desire for knowledge about the most useful products and services to improve patient outcomes.

Benefits & Enhanced Exposure in 2017!

Hall Placeholder
  • Extensive promotion of exhibiting companies through multiple channels including CMHC program brochure mailings, email and social media campaigns, a listing and description in the conference guide, hyperlinks on the CMHC website and the CMHC App.
  • Individualized marketing support, with optional promotional opportunities to drive attendees to your booth!
  • Meet the Faculty Lounge in Exhibit Hall - Attendee Favorite!
  • Passport to Prizes!

For complete details of all CMHC Boston sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities, please view the Prospectus.

Contact our sales team today: kathleen@cardiometabolichealth.org. Phone: 877.571.4700

Exhibitor Showcase
Exhibitor Showcase
Exhibitor Showcase