CMHC 2018: Small Group Workshops


Insulin Biosimilars

Thursday, October 25th | 10:20 – 11:15 am

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the regulatory approval process associated with follow-on insulins
  • Define the nomenclatures associated with follow-on insulins
  • Identify an insulin treatment regimen for patients with T2DM based on the latest clinical trial data, including the efficacy and safety of current and emerging follow-on insulins

One of the latest developments in insulin therapy includes the approval of two specific ‘follow-on’ or biosimilar insulins. The structure of follow-on insulins is highly similar to previously FDA-approved insulin biologic, and they have equivalent efficacy and safety. The approval of follow-on insulins is expected to significantly impact management of TDM: increasing access to insulins, while simultaneously decreasing cost. However, because many clinicians are unfamiliar with follow-on insulins—including FDA regulations, nomenclature, approval process, and benefits of approved and emerging agents—this small group workshop will focus on providing attendees with pertinent, applicable data. Through a didactic presentation, coupled with a patient case, attendees will stay up-to-date on clinical advances, and learn to navigate treatment for patients with T2DM who are candidates for follow-on insulin therapy.