CMHC West Women’s Health Summit:
Navigating Female Cardiometabolic Care

Spearheaded and chaired by Pamela Morris, MD—expert on female cardiovascular risk and co-director of the Women’s Heart Care Program at the Medical University of South Carolina—this one-day workshop will explore the unique challenges faced by women in cardiometabolic health. The symposium will highlight the most clinically current topics & research pertaining to women's cardiovascular health, cardiometabolic care, metabolism, obesity & diabetes, and more, and deliver attendees best practices for implementing effective approaches into practice. Given the previous success of the pre-conference "Women's Health Summit: Cardiometabolic Health Across the Lifespan" at the 13th Annual CMHC, this summit is specifically based upon attendees' requests, feedback, and needs.

“Great job, Pamela Morris…long overdue session for this phenomenal conference. So grateful for this high-quality series of sessions—and glad I made it to the CMHC conference one day earlier than I had planned.”

—CMHC Boston 2018 Attendee

  • Identify clinical strategies to address cardiovascular concerns in breast cancer patients during the cancer treatment continuum
  • Review current and updated evidence-based guideline recommendations for prevention, screening, and treatment of cardiometabolic complications of PCOS and pregnancy
  • Recall the cardiometabolic safety of postmenopausal hormone therapy in women
  • Outline management strategies to address the psychological factors and medical disorders in women with diabetes
  • Define the nuances of CVD risk assessment and treatment for primary and secondary prevention in women
  • Identify individualized approaches for the management of cardiometabolic health as it relates to high-risk patient populations, PCOS, postmenopausal symptoms, contraception, and long-term pregnancy adverse outcomes