CMHC is proud to invite you to the first ever CMHC West Live Online: Complexities in Cardiometabolic Care — an online and interactive learning event directly connecting you to the foremost knowledge in cardiometabolic health from the setting of your choosing. Centered upon the unique challenges experienced by cardiometabolic practitioners, this educational offering will provide an actionable and practical blueprint through which to navigate current clinical complexities. 

With a faculty panel made up of leading experts in a diverse array of specialities and clinical backgrounds, this conference will offer a holistic and expert understanding of the latest knowledge surrounding a variety of clinically relevant topics. The online event will feature an interactive specialty summit on the final day of the conference, Tackling the Complexity of Cardiometabolic Care: Challenging Patient Cases & Interactive Panel Discussion, openly examining participant-submitted cases studies to highlight advanced strategy approaches to finding effective solutions for challenging patient cases. In delivering a comprehensive and advanced view of the most pressing complications in modern cardiometabolic medicine through an interactive format, CMHC West Live Online will help guide you in developing advanced clinical solutions unique to your practice.

With sessions streamed live, participants will be able to ask questions and hear direct responses from faculty members throughout the conference. Through an interactive and easy-to-navigate online format, CMHC Live Online will provide the opportunity to join world-renowned clinical practitioners, researchers, and educators in taking a deep investigative dive into the latest knowledge in cardiometabolic health available.

What's New at CMHC West 2020:

CMHC West 2020 Topics

Expert Debates in Nutrition - From Vegetarian/vegan to ketogenic/low-carb and all in-between

CMHC West 2020 Topics

Prediabetes: How Can we Delay its Progression to Diabetes

CMHC West 2020 Topics

Type 2 Diabetes in Children and Young Adults

CMHC West 2020 Topics

Managing Type 2 Diabetes When Cost is an Issue

CMHC West 2020 Topics

Statin Drug - Drug Interactions

CMHC West 2020 Topics

Prevention and Treatment of Heart Failure

CMHC West 2020 Topics

ASCVD Prevention and Treatment in Individuals of South Asian Ancestry

CMHC West 2020 Topics

Cardio-Renal Benefits of SGLT-2 Inhibitors and GLP-1 RAs: Translating the Evidence to Patient Care

Complexities in Cardiometabolic Care


Spearheaded by CMHC chairs – George Bakris, MD, Christie Ballantyne, MD, Robert Eckel, MD, and Anne L. Peters, MD --this one-day summit will explore the unique challenges faced by clinicians when comprehensively managing patients with cardiometabolic disease. The summit will be kicked off with a series of keynote talks to set the stage about what clinicians need to evaluate and address in their patients, how to synthesize and apply what we have learned to date about both primary and secondary prevention to optimize patient outcomes, and including the patient in clinical decision-making.

The talks will be followed by a unique opportunity to interact with our expert panel - for the first time at CMHC you can submit and present challenging cardiometabolic cases.* During the cases, experts will challenge you and themselves about the optimal management and attempt to "solve" your clinical dilemma. This part of the summit is designed to be highly interactive and give the participants extensive opportunity to participate and highlight challenges and solutions to real-world care for their patients.

Cardiometabolic Day Summit
Please submit your cases here

Cases to be presented during the virtual meeting will be selected based on the topic of discussion and clinical relevance from the CMHC Chairs and the Senior Planning Committee.

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Allied Health Professionals
Fellows/ Residents/ Students*

*Must submit proof of residency, fellowship or student ID

What To Expect

Highlighting the most clinically current, relevant, and applicable education in the field of cardiometabolic health, this conference allows attendees to learn specific strategies to combat the growing epidemic of cardiovascular disease.

Access the Latest Clinical Education

Through three days of comprehensive clinical education in cardiometabolic health, attendees will have the opportunity to learn the most cutting-edge techniques and transferable skills: including content focused on obesity and lifestyle medicine and diabetes management.

Hear From World-Renowned Faculty, Clinicians, & Speakers

Each lecture & session at CMHC is carefully curated and planned by our faculty, including a panel of Chairpersons that represent the most respected & renowned leaders in the field.

Network & Socialize with Peers

Through networking opportunities and an intimate environment designed to spur socializing in addition to clinical education, this virtual conference enables attendees to interact with each other during events dedicated breaks.

Discover the Fusion of Cultural Heritage & Cardiometabolic Health

Sessions will not only spotlight the most recent results from clinical trials, delivered through thought-provoking and innovative educational formats, but also focus on aspects of cardiometabolic health specific to indigenous communities.

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