The Cardiometabolic Health Congress is powered by a diverse group of passionate individuals. Meet our exceptionally talented group of cardiometabolic crusaders below.

Team Spotlight

Neha Agarwal, PhD
Senior Clinical Manager

Neha conducts research, develops needs assessments and clinical content, analyzes educational outcomes data, and creates clinically relevant content for the CMHC network. Her passion for seeking knowledge keeps her finger constantly on the pulse, providing the CMHC team and network with valuable news, data, information, and insights.

Neha is passionate about reading, traveling, and cooking. Outside of CMHC you can find Neha experimenting in the kitchen.

Contact (Originally from New Delhi, Neha now lives in Florida and speaks English and Hindi):

Jenny Campano
Director of Medical Education Grants

With over 20 years of medical education experience, Jenny oversees the development and submission of medical education grants for several Tarsus brands, including BRAINWeek, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Cardiometabolic Health Congress, PAINWeek, and South Beach Symposium.

Jenny is passionate about healthy living. Outside of CMHC you can find Jenny working out or spending time with her 3 children.

Contact (Jenny was born, raised, and still resides in New Jersey):

Amanda Jamrogiewicz, CHCP
General Manager

As the leader of the CMHC team, Amanda nurtures partnerships and seeks to develop strategic relationships that lead to shared success. Her global perspective of the industry allows her to provide not only the CMHC team, but its partners as well, with fresh concepts, forward-thinking ideas and steadfast tenacities.

Amanda is passionate about running, cycling, her four pets, reading, and sports. Outside of CMHC, you can probably find Amanda out on the beautiful trails of Colorado with her husband.

Contact (Originally from Minnesota, Amanda now lives in Colorado; she speaks English and Spanish):

Shpetim Karandrea, PhD
Scientific Director

Shpetim has been with CMHC since 2017. Prior to joining CMHC, he was involved in medical research and received a PhD in Medical Sciences from the University of South Florida. His knowledge in cardiometabolic diseases, medical writing, and medical publishing make him an integral part of the CMHC team.

Shpetim is passionate about sports, science, and reading. Outside of CMHC, Shpetim loves to spend time with his family and friends, kayaking, trying new restaurants, and curling up with a good book.

Contact (Originally from Albania, Shpetim now lives in Florida and speaks English, Albanian, Italian, and Spanish):

Karin McAdams
Program Director

Dubbed the “Program Wizard,” Karin has a 15-year career in continuing medical education. She is intricately involved in all program implementation aspects of CMHC live and enduring initiatives. Without Karin’s sophisticated program management skills and expertise, CMHC would fail to operate as seamlessly and successfully.

Karin is passionate about her family. Outside of CMHC you can find Karin trying to fit in running and Cyclebar between her crazy working-mom life, hosting game nights with friends/family, and finding the next latest sci-fi/fantasy show to watch.

Contact (Karin lives in North Carolina and speaks English and Mandarin):

Kathleen Powell
Exhibits & Sponsorships Manager

Kathleen has been a highly productive Exhibits and Sponsorships Manger with CMHC since February 2015. Prior to joining CMHC, she was employed by both Atlantic Nautilus Health and Fitness Center, and HealthSouth Sea Pines Rehabilitation Hospital in various health-related professions. In addition, she studied at the University of Central Florida where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a minor in Health Services Administration.

Kathleen is passionate about fishing. Outside of CMHC you can find her offshore in the salty air of the Atlantic Ocean, bottom fishing or trolling.

Contact (Originally from The Seychelles, Kathleen now lives in Florida and speaks French Creole):

Sabine Schuerger
Grants & Programming Specialist

Sabine supports the grant & program teams in many aspects of administration to ensure the successful outcome of Cardiometabolic Health Congress. She has a 15-year background in continuing medical education and has been with CMHC since 2014.

Sabine is passionate about photography and travel. Outside of CMHC you can find Sabine hiking, snapping photos, and visiting exciting places around the globe.

Contact (Originally from a small town in Germany, Sabine now lives in North Carolina and speaks German):