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Postgraduate Medicine

Postgraduate Medicine

Address: 5 Howick Place, London GBP5 SW1P 1WG, UK

Phone: +44 20 701 75840



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Postgraduate Medicine is a rapid, peer-reviewed, MEDLINE-indexed medical journal that aims to present the most authoritative, diversified, and up-to-date information, while remaining clinical and highly practical. Established in 1916 by Charles Mayo, it communicates the latest research across many medical specialities to aid physicians when making treatment decisions, with an emphasis on appealing to primary care physicians. Postgraduate Medicine publishes many high-quality articles focussing on and related to cardiometabolic conditions, with upcoming themed issues including a November 2015 issue on Cardiometabolic Conditions, a March 2016 issue on Cardiovascular Disease, and a May 2016 issue on Diabetes. Postgraduate Medicine will be welcoming manuscript submissions for these issues and their in-house Editors are on hand to promptly answer any queries; pre-submission contact is always welcome at Postgraduate Medicine.