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Prevention Pharmaceuticals

Prevention Pharmaceuticals

Address: 142 Temple St, STE 205, New Haven, CT 06510

Phone: 201-686-6719



Prevention Pharmaceuticals is the maker of Omax3®, the ultra-pure omega-3 dietary supplement. Formulated by Yale University affiliated physicians, Omax3® contains a patented EPA:DHA ratio, which has proven highly effective in reducing multiple markers of inflammation in several clinical studies. Prevention Pharmaceuticals’ unique formula stands out from the competitors by starting with fish low on the food chain from the purest waters, the oil is then double distilled to ensure pollutants such as mercury and lead are removed. Our capsules are filled with more than 93% actual omega 3 fatty acids, not fillers. This is the highest concentration of beneficial omega-3 available in capsules on the market today. At Prevention, we strive to provide clinicians with high quality, evidence based products which can contribute to improved patient outcomes.