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Lastly, I think, and I hope, that there will be a lot of work that will happen in the next decade or so in terms of clinicians’ understanding of how patients interact with social media and what are the implications of it, since we know that a lot of patients use social media, and so do a lot of clinicians. How can we optimize that to the point that the information that each of these stakeholders receives is reliable and something that helps in the therapeutic plan versus creating controversies that may not be really driven by actual data?

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I think of opportunities and achievements the same way since they both add value to our lives and help us improve. I would choose three. One is being part of some of the practice guidelines where you get the opportunity to work with real giants in the field and learn from them. Second is the ability to be mentored by some great mentors and then being able to mentor our fellows in training and junior faculty. Third and perhaps most important, being able to use what I have learned here in US to make a very small dent to improve the quality of life for communities in low-middle income countries. Those are some of the biggest rewards I’ve had thus far in my academic career.


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