Faculty Spotlight

Get to know our faculty members, and gain further information surrounding their backgrounds and expertise, through multimedia videos.


13th Annual CMHC Boston

CMHC Chair Christie M. Ballantyne, MD and faculty member Marc S. Sabatine, MD share highlights on the 13th Annual CMHC in Boston.


CMHC Dr Jason Tregellas

CMHC Faculty member, Jason Tregellas, MD shares on the impact of exercise on mental and cardiovascular health.


CMHC with Eckel Bessesen Kashyap Nguyen final 2019

CMHC Chair Robert H. Eckel, M.D. leads a panel discussion on various approaches to the treatment of type 2 diabetes.


CMHC with Eckel Chait

CMHC faculty member Alan Chait, M.D. shares insight on the use of animal models in researching cardiovascular inflammation.


CMHC with Ken Fujioka, MD

CMHC West Chair, Ken Fujioka, MD shares on the importance of emphasizing weight loss in the management of type 2 diabetes.


CMHC with Skyler Kaul Perreault Kahn

CMHC Faculty members discuss the latest clinical research in cardiometabolic health.


CMHC with Yancy Bozkurt Panjrath 2019 final

CMHC Faculty members discuss the importance of addressing co-morbidities in heart disease.


Mini Panel Discussion with Academic Experts in Nephrology & Endocrinology

CMHC Faculty Member discusses the newest therapeutic strategies in cardiometabolic health with nephrologist Lance Sloan, MD and endocrinologist Yehuda Handelsman, MD.


CMHC Ferdinand Lindenfeld Morris

CMHC Chair, Keith C. Ferdinand, MD leads panel discussion with faculty members, JoAnn Lindenfeld, MD and Alanna A. Morris, MD on the current state of HFpEF intervention options.