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If you are a healthcare practitioner actively seeking timely, tangible solutions in the field of cardiometabolic disease, this 1-day CMHC ‘Focus on Frontline Education’ meeting series offers a high-quality learning experience—coupled with the potential for networking with likeminded providers and professionals.

Statistics indicate that more than 1/3 of the population has at least one cardiometabolic disorder such as diabetes, dyslipidemia, obesity, and hypertension. Our Regional Conference Series provides a unique opportunity for clinicians to learn about the latest and emerging developments in the sphere of cardiometabolic health through an integrated and multidisciplinary curriculum.

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CONVENIENT, 1-day Saturday format for
busy clinicians

CONNECT with our renowned
faculty-readily available to answer your

NETWORK with colleagues who share
your passion for disease prevention

GAIN valuable insights on trends and
current controversies in CVD and
metabolic disease managment

OBTAIN real-world perspective on how to
manage complex patients and overcome
common barriers in your practice


Conference Highlights include

What your colleagues are saying

"Managing cardiometabolic risk in patients with and without diabets has become an increasing part of our practices. The CMHC brings together leading researchers and clinicians to help us stay abreast of advances in this rapidly changing area." Thomas Blevins, MD

"The Cardiometabolic Health Congress provides a forum for sharing knowledge relevant to internists, endocrinologists, cardiologists, and most definitely nephrologists as well" Glenn Chertow, MD

"The epidemics of obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabets pose major challenges to cardiometabolic health. This Congress is the right place to discuss relevant issues on cardiometabolic risk." Jean-Claude Tardif, MD