Biography: Jane Reusch, MD

Jane Reusch, MD
  • Professor of Medicine and Integrative Physiology, University of Colorado SOM
  • Aurora, CO

Jane EB Reusch, MD is a Professor of Medicine, Bioengineering and Integrative Physiology, and Associate Director of the Center for Women’s Health Research, Anschutz Medical Campus and staff physician and merit investigator at the Rocky Mountain Regional VAMC. She is an elected member of American Society for Clinical Investigation, American Association of Physicians and the American Diabetes Association 2018 President for Medicine and Science. She is currently working with the ADA, AHA and ACC on global strategies to decrease the cardiovascular burden of diabetes. She is dedicated to recruiting and mentoring the translational research workforce, especially in women’s health and diabetes.

A physician-scientist, Dr. Reusch has made fundamental contributions to our understanding of cellular metabolism of diabetes and its complications. The focus of her basic science program is to identify the cellular and molecular mechanisms (i.e. mitochondrial dysfunction) that contribute to cardiac, vascular and skeletal muscle dysfunction in diabetes. Her shared clinical translational research program with Dr Judy Regensteiner examines and targets the biological variables in people with diabetes, particularly women, that lead to decreased functional exercise capacity and shortened lifespan.