Best of the CMHC: Advances in LDL-Lowering and Heart Failure Treatment - A 2-part Digital Monograph

This CME enduring activity explores the evolving future of LDL-lowering and heart failure prevention and treatment. For patients with lipid disorders, many do not achieve LDL-lowering goals and remain at risk for CVD. Novel LDL-lowering therapies, namely PCSK9 inhibitors, are now available that can help achieve lipid management goals and reduce cardiovascular risk. For patients with heart failure, biomarkers are now being used that overcome the limits of traditional predictors and aid in risk stratification. New therapies with unique mechanisms of action have also become available for the treatment of heart failure. It is important for clinicians to understand the safety and efficacy of these therapies to effectively integrate them into clinical practice.

Advances in LDL-lowering: Managing the High-Risk Patient in the PCSK9 Era
James A. Underberg, MD
New Approaches to Treat and Prevent Heart Failure
Keith C. Ferdinand, MD, FACC, FAHA