The Intersection Between COPD & Cardiometabolic Conditions (Expired)

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a chronic, complex illness with multiple systemic effects, including cardiometabolic conditions, and requires an integrated approach for its optimal management. Not only do these conditions affect patient adherence by adding to the burden of polypharmacy, they have been shown to independently impact patient response to COPD therapy.

This activity will consist of high-impact visual experience using interactive infographics and will discuss the prevalence and identification of cardiometabolic conditions in patients with COPD, the most recent advances in COPD research, and offer evidence-based management strategies based on the GOLD 2018 recommendations. The activity will also include patient case examples and provide expert recommendations for collaborative team effort and patient self-management for combatting the cardiometabolic conditions commonly associated with COPD and their impact on COPD management and outcomes.

The Intersection Between COPD & Cardiometabolic Conditions

Presenter: Robert D. Brook, MDAlanna Kendig, FNP, MSNJill A. Ohar, MD