Virtual Symposium (Expired): Combining GLP-1RAs with Insulin to Improve Glucose Control

Combining GLP-1RAs with basal insulin provides complementary action, lowering both PPG and FPG, to improve glycemic control in T2DM. The weight-sparing effect of GLP-1RAs makes them well suited for use in patients with concerns about insulin-induced weight gain. This activity will discuss the use of insulin and GLP-1RA combinations to achieve glycemic control and potentially reduce cardiometabolic risk.

Overcoming Barriers to Basal Insulin Therapy

Faculty: Robert E. Ratner, MD

The Therapeutic Rationale for GLP-1 RA and Basal Insulin Combination Therapy

Faculty: Robert H. Eckel, MD

GLP-1 Receptor Agonists and Basal Insulin Combination: A Complementary Strategy for Type 2 Diabetes

Please note due to permission purposes, this presentation is available by transcription only.

Faculty: Julio Rosenstock, MD

Audience Q&A

Faculty: Jay S. Skyler, MD

Presenter: All Faculty