Biography: Peter J. Turnbaugh, PhD

Peter J. Turnbaugh, PhD

Peter J. Turnbaugh, MD
The Gut Microbiome and Cardiometabolic Health
Saturday, March 5, 2016 • 2:15-2:45pm

CMHC West Keynote speaker Peter J. Turnbaugh, PhD will discuss the research that has linked the gut microbiome to metabolic syndrome and obesity and more recently, to type 2 diabetes. Additionally, he will present information from his ongoing studies in the laboratory and current work in the field attempting to understand the mechanisms linking the microbiome to metabolic disease, its relevance to humans, and what steps might be taken to improve this interaction.

Dr. Turnbaugh will also focus on the different factors that shape the microbiome, highlighting the importance of diet and lifestyle choices, and the effect of pharmacotherapeutic agents, including antibiotics, and how these environmental factors shape the microbiome in a way that may contribute to disease.