Biography: Shannon Christen, RD, CDE

Shannon Christen, RD, CDE
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Certified Diabetes Educator
  • Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism & Diabetes
  • Division of Cardiology – Cardiac & Vascular Prevention Program
  • PCSK9 Coordinator at UCHealth
  • University of Colorado Hospital Anschutz Medical Campus
  • Aurora, CO

Shannon Christen has been a certified diabetes educator for more than 10 years and a registered dietitian for over 15 years currently working at the University of Colorado Hospital. She works closely with lipid specialists in the Cardiac and Vascular Center for nutritional counseling along with new diabetes medication initiation. She is certified in insulin device management along with Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems (CGMS) and trains others interested in this technology. She manages the work flow for approval for all UCHealth Central Endocrinology and Cardiology prescribers for PCSK9 initiations and coordinates care between patient, pharmacy, providers and nursing. Her biggest strength is that she assists providers in decision making of diabetes, cholesterol and weight loss medications to be prescribed based on patient’s insurance plans and medical needs. When she is not training patients she is training new nursing graduates, medical students and new endocrinology fellows on diabetes management tools and technology. Shannon’s “tough love” approach to those struggling to reach their goals and especially those with hypertriglyceridemia is a part of the success of her care. In 2016 she and her fellow diabetes educators were awarded Partners in Care (non-physician award) by the University of Colorado Hospital due to the great care they provide to those with diabetes.