Heart Health Month: The Menopause Transition and Its Effects on Cardiometabolic Risk

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) continues to be the leading cause of death among women who experience a notable increase in disease risk after menopause. Female patients tend to develop coronary heart disease several years later than men leading experts to believe that the menopause transition (MT) contributes to an increase in cardiometabolic risk. However, only 56% […]

A Link Between Tic Disorders & Cardiometabolic Risk?

Findings recently published in JAMA Neurology indicate that patients with Tourette syndrome, or chronic tic disorder (CTD), have an increased risk for developing at least one cardiovascular or metabolic disorder. Researchers from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden examined data from almost 8,000 individuals with registered diagnoses of TS and CTD—finding that compared with the general […]

Lifestyle Changes Help Reduce Cardiometabolic Risk

Chronic conditions now dominate healthcare, both in terms of expenditures and effects on patient quality of life. Over half of Americans have at least one diagnosed chronic condition. When solely considering cardiometabolic syndrome, 57.5% of Americans are estimated to have prediabetes, undiagnosed diabetes, or diabetes, and rates of metabolic syndrome continue to rise. To effectively […]


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