"The firestorm of diabetes and metabolic syndrome continues to spread with the increasing incidence of hypertension and hypercholesterolemia acting like gasoline to further fuel the flames and contribute to higher CV morbidity and mortality. The CMHC is the place to get the latest information on quelling this epidemic."
George Bakris, MD - Chicago, IL

"CMHC brings together a unique assemblage of basic, translational, and clinical experts with a diverse and attentive audience to address an urgent contemporary health challenge that demands such a multidisciplinary approach."
Peter Libby, MD - Boston, MA

"CMHC continues to be the best conference I go to every year!"
Ralph Duda, Jr., MD

"My father has attended the CMHC faithfully and enthusiastically for many years. It was a joy for myself and my sister, who have also chosen careers in cardiology, to attend with him and to share our passion for the wonderful subject matter this conference has to offer."
Suzie Mookherjee, MD, FACC - Albany, NY

"Great conference - concise overall view of the most recent knowledge on cardiometabolic syndrome."
Victoria Mentasti, PA - Boston, MA

"What a comprehensive learning event! Can't wait to participate next year!"
Brenda Jenkins, RN

"This is a great congress, but this is even a better forum to make some great changes and progress in medical and healthcare for the nation."
  Samson Kpadenou, MD - Sterling Heights, MI

"This meeting is mind candy!"
Neil Kaminsky, MD

"This is an invaluable meeting."
Cassie Boland, PharmD - Monroe, NC

"Thank you all for an outstanding conference! I have already registered for the 2013 conference and can't wait to attend."
Snehal Bhatt, PharmD - Framingham, MA

"This meeting is comprehensive, timely and state-of-the-art."
  Steve Tragoon, MD - West Palm Beach, FL

"This conference brought me right into the forefront of emerging trends in HTN, Diabetes and Obesity. Great conference!"
Thomas Berges, NP

"The CMHC is one of the best conferences I have attended in my 16 years of practice."
Patricia Jordano, NP

"Excellent lectures, outstanding speakers! Very informative, relevant topics and a lot of information I can apply to my own practice."
Ma Theresa Van den Berg, MD - Kelso, WA

"This conference is dynamic and fact filled. I return to my practice energized and more informed of therapies and current research"
Jeanne Clarkson, NP

"Excellent and very informative. Superb conference. All speakers are so knowledgeable and passionate about their perspective topics."  
MaryAnn White, CNS, NP - C Longmont, CO

"This is the best scientific meeting I have attended in a long time, far better than any of the larger meetings. The faculty are top-notch, experts in their respective fields, and gave excellent lectures. I definitely recommend this meeting to my colleagues!"
Shyam Bhakta, MD

"CMHC is the best conference I have ever been to!"
Megan Ducker, PharmD

"The CMHC has achieved its outstanding reputation largely because it is so remarkably relevant--attendees always receive current information that really matters for the most up-to-date management of their patients."
James Gavin III, MD, PhD - Fayetteville, GA

"One of the major strengths of this program is the faculty's incredible breadth and depth of knowledge about cardiometabolic risk. I rarely learn so much from a conference where I am also a speaker. I may be biased, but this is a conference well worth attending."
Anne Peters, MD - Manhattan Beach, CA

"So many of our patients have substantial cardiometabolic risk. As clinicians the CMHC is a fantastic place to learn about the unique issues facing patients with cardiovascular, diabetes and metabolic risk. It is a rare opportunity to meet and learn from experts in the field of CM disease."
JoAnne Foody, MD - Boston, MA

"CMHC provides a great opportunity to catch up on the latest developments and thinking in the overlap area of insulin resistance and cardiovascular health, and is one of the only conferences in the world that brings together experts across the breadth of diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease to share ideas and foster collaborations."
Darren McGuire, MD - Dallas, TX

"Cardiometabolic risk is the new paradigm that challenges us to understand patients' risk for developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This conference is THE place to hear all the latest information on CM risk."
Christopher Cannon, MD - Boston, MA

"The importance of diabetes as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease continues to grow. The CMHC nicely brings together all the different perspectives that are necessary to provide optimal care to reduce cardiovascular risk."
Deepak L. Bhatt, MD, MPH - Newton, MA

"This is my 1st time attending the CMHC and I must admit this is the best meeting I have attended throughout my nursing career. I have gained so much knowledge and ideas that will be vital in improving the patient care outcome in our facility."
Mercedes Tobin, MSN, RN, CBN, CMSRN - Vineland, NJ

"The CMHC is a one-stop shop for current and practical clinical information. I am glad I attended."
Arjana Etchason, CDE

"This is my 3rd time attending the meeting and I hope to be back. Always informative, interesting and necessary to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of this syndrome and it's far reaching consequences."
Debra Shultman, MSN - Charlotte, NC

"Excellent conference, this is my 3rd CMHC. I always go back to my practice with numerous new data and pearls."
Munni Selagamsetty, MD - Colorado Springs, CO

"This was my first time attending and I thought it was outstanding so I registered for next year's conference before this one ended!"
Comalita Elliot, RN

"The CMHC is an excellent way for primary care physicians to stay current on cardiometabolic topics."
Kathy Robinson, MD - Asheville, NC

"Great speakers! Excellent program! My 1st time attending and will definitely recommend it to my colleagues."
Adaeze Ohaeto, DPN - Homestead, FL

"The quality of the speakers and the topics discussed are beyond measure as always. The CMHC is time well spent."
Oscar Giron, MD

"This is the CME I have been looking for! Excellent combinations of basic science and clinical practice, as well as, endocrinology and cardiology grouping. I truly feel educated."
Jun Liang, MD - Savage, MN

"An unbelievable amount of information jam packed into 2 1/2 days - and I still crave more. The caliber of speakers is top in the field!" Maria Kidner, DNP - Cheyenne, WY

"The CMHC is remarkable for its broad range of topics pertinent to cardiometabolic diseases. This meeting is an excellent opportunity for busy professionals to get a comprehensive overview of the area from leaders in the field."
Richard Pratley, MD - Orlando, FL

"The CMHC is the nation's leading meeting advancing knowledge on cardiometabolic health."
Peter McCullough, MD, MPH - Detroit, MI

"The CMHC has rapidly become the most illuminating annual forum for updates on the mechanisms underlying the global scourge confronting populations worldwide, and the scientific basis of rational prevention and treatment paradigms."
Om Ganda, MD - Boston, MA

"It is now clear to most practicing clinicians and researchers that patients and their diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia and hypertension are not silos. These all manifest as multi factorial and integrated conditions. The CMHC highlights in an integrated fashion the best practices and newest findings in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases."
Keith C. Ferdinand, MD - New Orleans, LA

"Another outstanding gathering of experts! This meeting provides a comprehensive leading-edge update on the clinical science of cardiometabolic risk management."
Pamela Morris, MD  - Charleston, SC

"Very nicely done. Interesting and personable speakers. Most useful conference I've attended in years. Only conference I've attended where I actually learned so much it prompted me to sign up for the next year before I was done!"
Nan Spawr-Seaton, APN-BC - Marquette, MI

"This is my third time attending the Cardiometabolic Health Congress. Once again, the information given was cutting edge, clinically relevant and readily applicable. For sure, attending the CMHC will be an annual event for my continuing medical education."
Oscar Giron, MD - Mundelein, IL

"Again I've received a succinct retooling of my knowledge compacted in 3 days of experts relating effective bench-to-practice science...invaluable!" 
Ralph Duda, MD - Tulsa, OK

"This conference continues to be worth making my time to attend." 
Janice Davey, MSN - Hamden, CT

"This is my favorite conference to attend. The speakers are at the top of their fields. I always feel I am getting a nice update on the current research in cardiometabolic health. The CMHC does a great job explaining the combined relationship of diabetes, HTN, CAD, dysmetabolic syndrome and overall cardiometabolic health."
Heather Cope, CNP - Ravenna, OH

"The Pro/con format of some of the sessions was extremely enlightening. Always good to hear both sides of the argument and teaches me how to think beyond the "conclusions" and "practicing medicine by abstracts"."
Max Brummett, PA-C - Hemet, CA

"A++ program. Better than some ADA and AADE programs. I especially enjoy the general sessions, group presentations and discussions." 
Judith Pentedemos, FNP - Ayer, MA

"Even after attending for 8 years the Congress still seems fresh and informative. I think this year was better than ever!"
Mark Holm - MD

"Excellent conference - Best collection of speakers I've ever heard!" 
Andrew Fireman, MD  - Abington, PA

"This was a fantastic conference - very high level science translated into practical guidance that I can directly apply to patient care! Best conference I have ever been to!"   Laura Waite, PharmD - Ocoee, FL

"The CMHC approach is truly exceptional as it brings together a high-quality mix of sophisticated clinical providers with cutting-edge investigators. CMHC is a meeting I look forward to each year." 
Paul Ridker, MD - Boston, MA

"The CMHC is a unique opportunity to hear clinically relevant, practical updates on a number of vital issues for cardiovascular health and diabetes, while having the opportunity to interact with internationally recognized faculty and colleagues. This conference gets better every year."
Luigi Meneghini, MD - Miami, FL

"Most practical and up-to-date conference linking cardiovascular disease with diabetes and hyperlipidemia."
Stephen Podolsky, MD - West Roxbury, MA

"Overall one of the most relevant conferences I have ever been to! Excellent - I signed up for next year!"
Laura Fox, MD  - Bow, NH

"This year's congress was amazing. The most recent research studies and recommendations were discussed. The fact that all the presenters are practicing clinicians makes the conference exceptional. It was definitely worth every dime paid."
Adaeze Ohaeto, NP

"Loved clinical trials and FDA update! The expertise of all presenters was inspiring to the participants. The best conference I've attended. Great facility. Well coordinated. The presenters were professional, yet made you feel comfortable."
Kathy Evans, MSN, NP - Canton, MI

"This was my 6th CMHC meeting. Every year I am simply amazed at the quality of the program. This year was certainly no exception! Congratulations on a job well done. Looking forward to next year."
Michael Rothkopf, MD, FACP  -  Morristown, NJ

"This was a wonderful conference and "stretched" my knowledge! Thanks!"
Bobette Chase, RN, CNE, MEd  - Warwick, RI

"This is an absolutely fantastic conference and the planning committee did an amazing job!! This is my second year."
Raymond Marecek, MD  - Sherwood, AR

"Really excellent, knowledgeable speakers. Best single conference on cardiometabolic issues."
Young Choi, MD - Fort Bragg, NC

"My first time attending this conference - it included outstanding cutting-edge information that can be used immediately in my practice."
Tonee Pieroni, NP-C - Muncie, IN

"The CMHC has become the premier US conference on cardiometabolic risk due to the expansive expertise of an all-star faculty of both basic and clinical researchers."
Irl Hirsch, MD - Seattle, WA

"You have done a superb job! My favorite conference - ever!"
Rita Martin, MSN  - Garland, TX

"I most enjoy the panel discussions, pros and cons of various treatments and procedures. An excellent conference as usual."
Linda Tyer, MD - Belfast, ME

"I attended each day and found the lectures to be extremely valuable to my daily practice. This was an amazing experience for me and I will return for future conferences"
Rocco A. Rossi, DO

"Thank you for sharing the available evidence and clinical applications of the data - along with your anecdotal experience. It was very valuable!"   Nancy Pettineo, PharmD - Chadds Ford, PA

"Debate presentations were wonderful. Appreciated Dr. Bakris' info and insight into upcoming guidelines and rational."
Linda Pasciuto, RN - Medford, MA

"The CMHC provides an empowering comprehensive, multidisciplinary and informative resource for safe and value-based patient care."
Yetunde Olowe, MD

"Excellent conference. Many great speakers who are very knowledgeable. I look forward to next year's conference."
Deborah Newell, BS Pharmacy - Lincoln, RI

"My 1st conference and I don't regret coming here. It's great to have many researchers and members of committees and guidelines presenting! Also great use of humor to keep it fast paced."
Carmen Dominguez-Rafer, MD - Totowa, NJ

"Great program - very informative with lots of practical information."
Denise West, RN, BSN - Walnut Creek, CA

"The CMHC is an excellent forum to integrate aspects of diabetes, hypertension and lipid disorders into a comprehensive approach to patient management."
Gregory Phillips, MD

"The Cardiometabolic Health Congress is a terrific venue for health care providers to hear and learn the latest findings in the areas of preventive cardiology, hypertension, and clinical endocrinology in an integrated and cohesive fashion. The knowledge gained will help physicians in practice who are involved in preventive cardiology and medicine."
William White, MD - Canton, CT

"Very well organized. Audience participation is great."
John LaRosa, MD - Brooklyn, NY

"This was my 4th consecutive time attending the CMHC, and it has become my favorite CME activity of the year. As a cardiologist focusing on prevention, I have found it to be the perfect way to keep up with this multidisciplinary problem. This is a great conference that gets better and better. I pre-registered for next year!"
Lawrence Block, MD

"This was probably one of the best groups of speakers I have seen participate in a meeting. This has been a fantastic conference that addressed the most serious problems the U.S. faces: obesity, diabetes and the resulting CV risk."
Angela Robinson, Pharm. D  - Sandy Springs, GA

"Best conference I have ever been to in 20 years!"
Dina Prus, MD

"It is my third yearr attending - best conference yet and speakers are terrific. Panel discussions point out the degree of disagreement in managing patient populations."
Joan Peters-Gilmartin, PA-C - Truro, MA

"This conference consistently provides outstanding presentations by an incredible faculty. I look forward to attending every year."
Michael Rothkopf, MD

"Excellent Congress. From basic science to clinical recommendations to future Rx."
Rudy Taarea, MD  - Enterprise, AL

"The blend of clinical studies and practical implications will positively affect my practice."
Joanne Broccoli, MSN  - Ridgefield, CT

"Great clinical trial updates - a highlight every time. Better than any of the websites."
Dorothy Gohdes, MD - Albuqeurque, NM

"Outstanding conference. Appreciate focus on new information and avoiding repetition--it keeps me coming back. Thank you for your efforts."
Mark Holm, MD - St. Cloud, MN

"Excellent conference! Well organized in terms of choosing speakers and topics. Loved the case discussions. Definitely coming back next year!"
Daisy Arce, MD - McAllen, TX

"My first time at the CMHC and I must commend all organizers for a remarkable and well informed conference."
Colleen Friesen, MD - Edmonton, Canada

"It's always great to attend and speak at the CMHC. One aspect that makes it particularly enjoyable is the mix of faculty and attendees from Cardiology, Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, and other disciplines. This provides for interesting perspectives and discussions that are different than single specialty conferences."
Stephen Wiviott, MD - Boston, MA

"There are certain evaluations and treatments that patients with cardiovascular disease and diabetes ought to receive that are less important to administer to patients without diabetes. The emphasis at CMHC on specifically patients with diabetes (and other metabolic conditions) is a great attribute of the conference."
Peter Berger, MD - Danville, PA

"Conference is always thought provoking and the faculty are outstanding! "
Mary Jane Sauve, PhD

"The Cardiometabolic Health Congress is the ultimate opportunity to be updated on mechanisms and treatment of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia and thrombosis and how they relate to cardiovascular disease. It's a must for take-home information that can be immediately applied to the practice of preventive cardiology."
Robert Eckel, MD - Aurora, CO

"The CMHS is one of the best meetings in a long time."
Paul Tirrell, MD

"Diabetes is a disease of pressing worldwide importance, and cardiovascular events are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality for our patients. With the breadth of information so clearly presented at the intersection of these diseases, this has become a top notch conference."
Allison Goldfine, MD - Boston, MA

"The CMHC has it all - from emerging research to discussion of the latest clinical guidelines to then integrating that knowledge into daily practice. Looking forward to next year already!"
Atul Soreng, MD

"The CMHC delivers a trifecta of medical education: superb enthusiastic speakers, cutting edge science, and deep clinical insight that improves patient care. This is a conference that changes how you practice medicine."
Peter Toth, MD - Sterling, IL

"The best conference I have been to with a variety of topics, relevant to my practice."
Helen Kennedy, FNP  - Decatur, IL

"This is the third time attending and every time I come away feeling I have learned a lot."
Lawrence Keyser, PA  - Spokane, WA

"Wonderful conference. Hit all the major points, very well organized, great speakers."
Brian Shapiro, MD - Jacksonville, FL

"The activities here have opened my eyes. Back home I will monitor my patients better and more closely. Will also monitor better interaction between all stake holders. Stop adherence to some old therapies because of cost."
Michael Ajala, MD - Nigeria

"Overall, a very well organized informative program with many outstanding faculty members."
Pramod Mohanty, MD  - Richmond, VA

"Excellent well-balanced conference."
Meijuan Zhang, MD  - Lancaster, PA

"Excellent conference. Condensed information, novel and controversial topics."
Carlos Mendez, MD - Albany, NY

"A very well organized conference, thank you for an excellent conference.
It's very good to learn about the evidence from many of those who establish it through research efforts."  

Stephanie Smith, MD, MPH  - Naperville, IL

"More useable new information for clinicians than most programs."
Fredric Pashkow, MD  - Los Angeles, CA

"All speakers were excellent and topics very relevant. Thought the sessions with the panelists and moderators gave best information for true clinical practice procedures."  
Betty-Jo McAuliffe, PA - Orchard Park, NY

"Care for the vulnerable patient needs a solid understanding of metabolics and its relationship to CV risk. The Cardiometabolic Health Congress carefully intregrates metabolics and CV risk from cardiometabolic experts."  
Robert Chilton, DO

"Excellent job, and I appreciate the core presentations and overall accessibility of speakers to questions. As a clinician, I found the conference much more useful than ADA because the primary focus is on clinical management." 
Wendy Hawkins, MD - Houston, TX

"I am very impressed by the quality of talks and the range of topics selected."  
Priya Krishnanurthy, MD, MPH  - Easton, MD

"Excellent overview of metabolic syndrome and cutting edge treatment modalities. Will recommend to others and come back next year."
Nader Sharifi, MD  - Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

"Appreciate that the conference is small enough that all attendees can be at every talk - this keeps the quality of all speakers high also - almost all speakers presented data that could be practically used in the clinical situation - thank you for a great conference. Please keep including renal specialists too."
Rafael Uribe, MD, MHA  - Plymouth, MA

"Excellent balance of diabetology, lipid management, and atherosclerosis."
Florence M. Parrella, MD  - Burlington, MA

"Thanks for putting on this important, needed, multidisciplinary conference. I will be back." 
Sonal Sawaswat Gupta, MD  - Franklin, TN

"Late-breaking studies - great! Always a wonderful conference--thank you! My favorite part is the expert panelist discussions/debate."  
Joan Lacey, MSN - Greer, SC

"Superb conference, appreciate that speaker went into great details and was not superficial."
Felicia Austin-Tolliver, MD  - Sugarland, TX

"The best organized conference that I have attended in 25 years!"
Michael Engelbert-Fenton, PA-C  - Murray, UT

"The case scenarios and debates were terrific! It proves that there are many ways to care for patients. I appreciated the speakers' willingness to see each other's view."
Janet Askew, RN - Sebastian, FL

"Tremendously helpful for my understanding of this syndrome, and my ability to motivate patients to change their lifestyle."
Kathleen Giobbi, RN, MS  - Portland, ME

"Just excellent. One of the best conferences I've ever attended."
Robert Palguta, MD - Beaver, PA

"The congress in general is excellent. I am going back home to Houston, TX, and am happy and eager to apply and put in practice the knowledge acquired from this congress."  
Rafael Valdez, MD  - Houston, TX

"Excellent program, lots of practical information." 
Rosemary Sullivan Cobb, RN, CDE, CPT   - Wilmington DE

"The speakers were outstanding; extremely well-versed in topics presented with good delivery styles."
Monica Doerr, MD - Salisbury, NC

"Excellent panel of speakers! Overall, a very informative conference!"
Rosa Ianni, MSN  - New York, NY

"Excellent speakers and conference, one of the best conferences on diabetes, CV & obesity! The format is excellent - 20 presentations with Q&A! Cost is also excellent!"
Barbara Joswick, RN, MSH, CACDE  - Deland, FL

"Excellent speakers, the CMHC is maintaining a high level of education."
Lester Chow, PharmD.  - Franklin, MA

"Not everyone learns the same way, nor has the same preferences in the way data is presented. The CMHC is unique in that it allows for personal interaction between the attendees and the presenters. Also, the practical integration of basic science and clinical application need not be so boring as to compromise learning. The lively and clinically relevant manner in which data is presented is yet another aspect of the CMHC that affords unique opportunities for attendees to get the information they need, which ultimately, is in the best interest of patients."
Harold Bays, MD - Louisville, KY

"This was my first time attending and without a doubt, the program was put together nicely and the presenters had a wealth of information that was really great to hear without being overwhelming."
Jacqueline Klootwyk, PharmD - Philadelphia, PA

"Probably the best conference I have ever been to!"
William Martin, MD - Lawrenceville, GA

"The congress exceeded my expectations. Outstanding! So many take home points that I will start applying Monday."
Susan Perez, NP-C - Richfield, OH

"Outstanding meeting - latebreaking clinical trial session format was great."
Nada Salman El Hassan, MD - Cortland, NY

"A perfect blend of current research findings and broad clinical guidelines."
James Persson, MD  - Fort Rucker, AL

"The most informative and intensive conference I have ever attended!"
Diedre Detraz, MS - Abbeville, LA

"My first time at this conference and was very impressed with how organized the conference was and the variety of topics. I also enjoyed the case studies with audience participation."
Marisa Austin, MSN - Germantown, TN

"Superb Conference!"
Joel Rosenberg, MD - Washington DC

"Excellent blend of two critical disciplines."
Mark Lurie, MD - Manhattan Beach, CA

"Overall, great job by all! Everybody was well prepared to pass on their knowledge base."
Frank Lavernia, MD  - Coconut Creek, FL

"Excellent meeting!"
Stephen Wallach, MD  - Honolulu, HI

"Drs. Lebovitz and DeFronzo are great educators. This was my first CMHC and I have already enrolled for next year's meeting."
Alan Wynne, MD  - Topeka, KS

"Great job was done by all. Great conference, great up-to-date data, you continue to meet your goal of "no longer existing in silos" during your "unprecedented marriage of disciplines" Congratulations!"
Maryanna Young, RN - Newburyport, MA

"Thank you for another year of excellent presentations and thought provoking discussions among the group of panelists. To attack this metabolic problem we need a multi-approach team effort."
Pam Gruenwald, MS - Baltimore, OH

"Very good conference. I am very glad I came all the way from California."
Terrance Moran, MD - Monterey, CA

"This is one of the best conferences available to address all aspects of patient care for patients with diabetes. I have attended for 6 years and have already registered for next year!"
Gael Ulisse, NP