Webinar Spotlight

Gain critical insights and in-depth knowledge from leading figures in cardiometabolic health at your own pace.

Webinar Spotlight

Christie M. Ballantyne,

Evolving Lipid Management

CMHC co-chair Christie M. Ballantyne, MD, will discuss the topic of CVD prevention in the cardiometabolic patient in light of the recently released cholesterol and comprehensive primary prevention guidelines. Dr. Ballantyne will also discuss the evolution of lipid therapy and lipid targets, including the role of Lp(a) and hypertriglyceridemia in treatment and prevention, as well as lifestyle and obesity management.

Pam Taub

The Importance of Navigating Female Cardiometabolic Care

Dr Pam Taub will discuss the unique risk factors and challenges faces by women in cardiometabolic health. As Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of California San Diego, Dr. Taub also serves as Director of the Step Family Foundation Cardiovascular Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, focusing on best practices to actively engage patients and the community in prevention of cardiovascular disease.