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Cardiometabolic Health Congress (CMHC) leads the medical community’s effort to understand, treat, and prevent cardiorenal metabolic-related risk factors and diseases, which now affect an estimated 47 million people in the U.S.

A resource for practicing clinicians, students, and patients interested in advancing whole-patient health, CMHC offers up-to-date research, news, publications, and much more in the quickly evolving field of cardiorenal metabolic medicine. Through live conferences and extensive online education offerings, providers can become skilled at translating cutting-edge medical research into practical clinical strategies to prevent, delay, diagnose, treat and manage the entire spectrum of cardiorenal metabolic disease.

Upcoming Live Events
Complimentary Continuing Education
Challenging Cases in the Management of Aortic Stenosis
Patient Case
Challenging Cases in the Management of Aortic Stenosis in Women
CME/CE Credits: 1.5 hrs
Making Sense of LDL-C Combination Therapy
Lipid Management
Clinical Compendium
Making Sense of LDL-C Combination Therapy in 2022
CME/CE Credits: 1.25 hrs
Navigating the Diagnosis and Treatment of Patients with Narcolepsy and Cardiovascular Risk
Clinical Compendium
Navigating the Diagnosis and Treatment of Patients with Narcolepsy and Cardiovascular Risk
CME/CE Credits: 1.5 hrs
Clinical Brief
Why Should We Use CGM in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes?
CME/CE Credits: 0.5 hrs
Infographic Activity
The Disproportionate Burden of Heart Failure in Women: Advances & Expert Perspectives to Improve Diagnosis & Treatment
CME/CE Credits: 1.0 hrs
Renal Disease
Virtual Symposium
What You Need to Know About Optimizing Cardiorenal Outcomes with Novel NonSteroidal MRAs
CME/CE Credits: 1.5 hrs

CME/CE Webcast Series

Cardiometabolic Beat

The Role of Toxins in the Development of Cardiometabolic Diseases with Joe Pizzorno, ND

The Use of ACE inhibitors and Angiotensin Receptor Blockers in Patients with COVID-19

Diabetes: The Questions You Need to be Asking Your Patients

Food as Fuel and Her New Cookbook filled with Spices and Recipes that are Good for the Heart, with Linda Shiue, MD

Updated 2022 ADA Standards of Care with Anne Peters, MD

Can We Slow the Progression of Diabetes or Reverse It?

Perspectives and Emerging Developments in NAFLD and NASH with Kenneth Cusi, MD

The Latest Cardiometabolic Concepts with Dr. George Bakris

Emerging Strategies in Cardiometabolic Medicine with Dr. Mark Houston, MD, MS, FACP, ABAARM

The Evolving Spectrum of Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment with Matthew R. Weir, MD

Food as Medicine with Dr Shiue

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