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Racial, ethnic, sexual- and gender-diverse and other minority populations experience worse health outcomes when compared to their peers. As the industry’s understanding grows, we know these populations are less likely to seek, have access to, or benefit from quality health care.

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Available courses, certification information, and the latest educational opportunities for practitioners interested in beginning or continuing their careers in a cardiometabolic subspecialty with emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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The latest industry news, CMHC Pulse Blogs and Cardiometabolic Chronicle articles related to cardiometabolic health and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Expert Highlights and Perspectives

A cache of recorded faculty presentations addressing the diagnosis, clinical management, treatment, and emerging strategies related to cardiometabolic health and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Lipid-Lowering in Women: Additional Perspectives

Erin D. Michos, MD, MHS
Erin D. Michos MD, MHS,
Eugenia Gianos, MD

Watch Drs. Michos and Gianos recap the symposium at the 2023 Women Masterclass, as well as discuss additional clinical pearls on lipid-lowering therapy in women.

(Recorded September 2023)

Additional Insights on the Spectrum of LDL-C Lowering therapies and Efficacy in Women

Payal Kohli, MD

Watch as Dr. Kohli discusses additional perspectives on statin and non-statin therapies and what can clinicians do better to lower LDL-C and optimize outcomes in women.

(Recorded September 2023)

Patient Story: Agnes' Journey

Agnes Czuchlewski
Agnes Czuchlewski, WomenHeart Patient Champion

Agnes Czuchlewski, patient champion with WomenHeart, discusses her journey about living with heart disease and challenges she experienced in getting diagnosed and treated.

(Recorded September 2023)

Patient Story: Take Home Messages for Clinicians

Agnes Czuchlewski
Agnes Czuchlewski, WomenHeart Patient Champion

Watch as patient champion Agnes Czuchlewski shares some important messages that she would like for clinicians to consider when taking care of women with cardiovascular disease or cardiovascular risk.

(Recorded September 2023)

Expert Perspectives: The Disproportionate Burden of Atrial Fibrillation (AF) in High-Risk African American Patients with Cardiometabolic Comorbidities

Keith C. Ferdinand, MD
Keith Ferdinand, MD
Laura Ross, PAC-C
Larry Jackson II, MD,

During this interview, Keith Ferdinand, MD, Larry Jackson II, MD, and Laura Ross, PAC-C discuss the current disparities in AF and practical ways how to approach them.

(Recorded 12/14/2022)

Future Directions in Heart Failure  

Pam R. Taub, MD, FACC, FASPC
Barry H. Greenberg, MD
Anuradha Lala-Trindade, MD

Click to watch Drs. Taub, Greenberg, and Lala discuss additional pearls and perspectives on future directions in heart failure management.

(Recorded 10/25/2022)

Considerations for The Treatment of Heart Failure in Women

Michelle M. Kittleson, MD
Michelle M. Kittleson, MD

Click to watch Dr. Kittleson discuss additional considerations about the treatment of heart failure in women.

(Recorded 10/25/2022)

Cardiometabolic Health Disparities in Hispanic Americans

Veronica Vital, PhD.
Alexandra Salcedo, RDN
Alexandra Salcedo, RDN

During this webinar, Veronica Vital, PhD. and Alexandra Salcedo, RDN discuss the disparities in cardiovascular and cardiometabolic risk factors in Hispanics, as well as the role of individualizing nutrition advice to help address some of these disparities.

(Recorded 10/8/2021)

Diabetes in Latino/Hispanic Americans

A. Enrique Caballero, MD
A. Enrique Caballero, MD

Presented by A. Enrique Caballero, MD from the 2020 CMHC Annual Meeting.

(Recorded 10/19/2020).

Racial and Ethnic Differences in Cardiometabolic Risk Factors and What They Mean for Your Practice

Carlos J. Rodriguez, MD
Carlos J. Rodriguez, MD

Presented by Carlos J. Rodriguez, MD from the 2020 CMHC Annual Meeting.

(Recorded 10/19/2020)

How Should You Counsel Patients Who Live in Food Deserts?

Alanna A. Morris, MD, MSc
Alanna A. Morris, MD, MSc

Presented by Alanna A. Morris, MD, MSc from the 2020 CMHC Annual Meeting.

(Recorded 10/19/2020)


A collection of resources related to cardiometabolic health and diversity, equity, and inclusion for both patients and provider education and connection.

Other Resources

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