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Cardiometabolic health can only be improved if providers can deliver care to the patients who need it. Practice management strategies include scheduling, billing, electronic health records, telehealth, care coordination, and other tools exist to help clinicians deliver best care to the patients who need it.

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Care Delivery Implementation

Top 10 Health Technology Hazards

In addition to concerns over cybersecurity and ransomware attacks increasingly targeting the healthcare system, a growing reliance on novel health technologies poses a significant threat

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A cache of recorded faculty presentations addressing the diagnosis, clinical management, treatment, and emerging strategies related to cardiometabolic care delivery implementation.

Cardiometabolic Centers of Excellence A Novel Care Model

Recorded: April 2022
Mikhail N. Kosiborod, MD
Mikhail N. Kosiborod, MD
EckelRobert 2
Robert Eckel, MD

CMHC Chair Robert H. Eckel, MD, has a discussion with Mikhail N. Kosiborod, MD, recapping the keynote address at 2022 CMHC Spring, which focused on the creation of cardiometabolic centers of excellence as a novel and very much needed model to comprehensively treat cardiometabolic patients to improve quality and outcomes. Dr. Kosiborod has been at the forefront of this approach, and his group has founded the Cardiometabolic Center Alliance, which is dedicated to provide training and materials to help establish these centers across the country (recorded April 2022).


A collection of resources related to cardiometabolic care delivery implementation for both patients and provider education and connection.