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Did you miss the Women's Masterclass Weekend?

Don’t worry we are bringing the lectures and leading visionaries right to you! The Women’s Cardiometabolic Health and Wellness Masterclass, led by co-chairs Pam R. Taub, MD and Erin D. Michos, MD, MHS, explored the significant differences in risk factors, symptom presentation, preventive strategies, and treatment for cardiometabolic diseases in women, as well as important implications for patient care. Now you can take home this interactive educational experience, evidence-based presentations, and clinical insights from renowned experts.


At the age of 16, Amanda Salas was a nationally ranked soccer player getting ready to submit college applications and embark into the next, very exciting stage of her life where all of her dreams and aspirations would start to come true. Then, while traveling overseas, a tragic car accident rendered her quadriplegic and sent all those plans into limbo.

Agenda Topics

Cardiovascular and Cardiometabolic Health of Women Before, During, and After Pregnancy: Addressing Disparities to Improve Outcomes

The Menopause Transition & Cardiometabolic Considerations

Panel Discussion – Reflections on Resilience: Insights on Overcoming Professional and Personal Challenges

Lifestyle Changes to Improve Women’s Cardiometabolic Health Across the Age Spectrum: Tips and Pearls

Beyond Lifestyle: Optimizing Long-Term Obesity Management in Women Across the Lifespan

Hypertension and Resistant Hypertension in Women: Dispelling Misconceptions

Dyslipidemia in Women: Advances & Considerations

Heart Failure in Women: Tackling Current Barriers to Improve Outcomes

Taking Charge of CAD and PAD in Women

Women and Chronic Kidney Disease

Managing Type 2 Diabetes in the Era of Cardiometabolic Outcomes Trials


Women’s Health Masterclass | On-Demand


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