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Amanda Salas

Los Angeles, California

Amanda Salas

Keynote Speaker


At the age of 16, Amanda Salas was a nationally ranked soccer player getting ready to submit college applications and embark into the next, very exciting stage of her life where all of her dreams and aspirations would start to come true. Then, while traveling overseas, a tragic car accident rendered her quadriplegic and sent all those plans into limbo.

Now, 30 years later, she can reflect and demonstrate how she has been able to still realize those dreams and much more. She graduated with her high school class. She then attended Stanford University and graduated with a degree in International Relations. She moved straight from Stanford to Los Angeles, with the hope of working in television production, and ultimately lived that ongoing dream for close to 15 years.

Her next dream was a big one, but not too big for a dreamer like Amanda. Finding a partner and having not one, but two beautiful and healthy children (from conceiving, to carrying, to birthing and now rearing) was the next dream on her list that she was able to accomplish. Aside from that rewarding job, she also helps her husband run a successful catering business.

Education and Training

Amanda earned a bachelor degree in Internal Relations from Stanford University.

Professional Highlights

Amanda speaks to groups large and small to share her stories and insights into resilience in the face of adversity. She tells her stories in a fun and engaging way so that any audience can relate.


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