Advisory Board

Become a member of our Advisory Board and share your views on the topics you find most impactful to patient care.

Join Our Advisory Board

We value the expertise and opinions of active members of the cardiorenal metabolic health field and believe in emboldening health care practitioners to get ahead of the game and create the change they wish to see. The CMHC Advisory Board is a collective of like-minded clinicians working to collaborate and gain knowledge to positively influence patient outcomes in cardiometabolic health. Please join us to express your views on topics and issues that are most impactful to your practice and patient care by becoming a member of the CMHC Advisory Board.

What to Expect as an Advisory Board Member

  • Complete feedback surveys regarding the field of cardiorenal metabolic health
  • Engage in live meeting think tanks to discuss topics within the cardiorenal metabolic health industry
  • Participate in quality-improvement initiatives
  • Pilot educational programs
  • Enjoy priority consideration for Cardiometabolic Chronicle and Cardiometabolic Beat submissions

**Participation in Advisory Board activities is requested as part of the membership agreement.

Advisory Board Application


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