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Reviews In Cardiovascular Medicine (RCM)
Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine (RCM)

Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine (RCM) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal. RCM publishes research articles, review papers and short communications on cardiovascular medicine as well as research on cardiovascular disease. We aim to provide a forum for publishing papers which explore the pathogenesis and promote the progression of cardiac and vascular diseases. We also seek to establish an interdisciplinary platform, focusing on translational issues, to facilitate the advancement of research, clinical treatment and diagnostic procedures. Heart surgery, cardiovascular imaging, risk factors and various clinical cardiac & vascular research will be considered.

JDB OA Final Cover
Journal of Diabetes

Journal of Diabetes (JDB) is an open access journal which devotes itself to diabetes research, therapeutics, and education. It aims to involve researchers and practitioners in a dialogue between East and West via all aspects of epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, management, complications and prevention of diabetes, including the molecular, biochemical, and physiological aspects of diabetes. It’s an official journal of the Chinese Society of Endocrinology, endorsed by the Chinese Endocrinologist Association.

Pharma Nutrition Journal

This quarterly journal is where studies involving nutrition (food, food ingredients, specialized enteral and parenteral nutrition) and pharma (pharmacological and clinical interventions) meet.

Functional Foods Journal
Journal of Functional Foods

This journal aims to bring together the results of fundamental and applied research into healthy foods and biologically active food ingredients, focusing on the relationaships between food technology, nutrition and health

Preventative Medicine Journal
Preventive Medicine

An international scholarly journal that publishes original articles on the science and practice of disease prevention, health promotion, and public health policymaking, this publication aims to reward innovation.

Clinical Lipidology Journal
Journal of Clinical Lipidology

This publication supports the diverse array of medical professionals who work to reduce the incidence of morbidity and mortality from dyslipidemia and associated disorders of lipid metabolism.

Preventative Cardiology Journal
American Journal of Preventive Cardiology

This quarterly journal is the official journal the American Society for Preventive Cardiology, publishing articles in the areas of prevention research, teaching, practice and policy, as they relate to cardiovascular disease.

Phytomedicine Journal

This therapy-oriented journal publishes innovative studies on efficacy, safety, quality and mechanisms of action of specified plant extracts, phytopharmaceuticals and their isolated constituents.

Atherosclerosis Journal

Covering basic and translational, clinical and population research approaches to arterial and vascular biology and disease, this jourhal also addresses risk factors for atherosclerosis, including disturbances of lipid and lipoprotein metabolism, diabetes and hypertension, thrombosis, and inflammation.

The Lancet Diabetes And Endocrinology
The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology

This publication includes papers that reflect the rich variety of ongoing clinical research in diabetes, obesity, nutrition and metabolism, osteoporosis, adrenal disorders, bone metabolism, growth disorders, lipid disorders, neuroendocrinology, paediatric endocrinology, pituitary disorders, reproductive endocrinology, and thyroid disorders.

Trends In Endocrinology And Metabolism
Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism

Topics in this publication include insulin resistance, thyroid function, sex-specific hormone functinon, and more.

Endocrine And Metabolic Science Journal
Endocrine and Metabolic Science

Submissions to this open-access journal are collaboratively peer reviewed and include basic, translational and clinical original articles, reviews, clinical trials and case reports on all aspects of endocrinology and metabolism.


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