The field of obesity management is quickly evolving. New drug therapies and bariatric surgery are effective, but a larger understanding of social determinants, genetics, and the psychology behind obesity are proving to be essential pieces of the puzzle. Dismantling the myth that obesity is a lack of willpower or a “calories in, calories out” conundrum is necessary to shift the conversation away from placing blame and toward effective management.

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Semaglutide and tirzepatide are some drugs developed for glucose control in diabetes that are now being used to treat obesity.



An herbal supplement is being promoted on social media as a natural alternative to Wegovy and Ozempic, the brand-name formulations of semaglutide that have made


Cardiometabolic Disease

The experts behind Cardiometabolic Health Congress have identified 10 stories in cardiorenal medicine to watch in 2023.


Cardiometabolic Disease

The experts at Cardiometabolic Health Congress (CMHC) have selected the TOP 10 developments, approvals, news, and findings from 2022 that impact the field of cardiorenal

Obesity, Inflammation, and Cardiovascular Risk

Christie M. Ballantyne, MD
Christie Ballantyne, MD
Erin D. Michos, MD, MHS
Erin Michos, MD

CMHC co-chair Christie Ballantyne, MD and Erin Michos, MD discuss the biology behind inflammation and obesity, obesity as an underappreciated but major CVD risk factor, and the ever-changing landscape of obesity treatment, with several approaches that have been recently approved or are in clinical development. They also share important practical pearls about the role of newer anti-obesity medications in conjunction with lifestyle for the long-term management of obesity. (Recorded at 2023 CMHC Spring, May 19, 2023.)

Perspectives & Discussions: NAFLD and NASH Screening, Diagnosis, and Emerging Treatments

Robert H. Eckel, MD
Steven A. Harrison, MD

Watch Drs. Eckel and Harrison discuss some additional perspectives on the screening, diagnosis and emerging treatment options for NASH. Recorded Dec.1, 2022.

Additional Expert Perspectives on Current Treatment Options for NASH

Barb Diana
Diana D. Barb, MD

Watch CMHC faculty Dr. Barb discussing some practical pearls and the current treatment approaches for NASH. Recorded Dec.15, 2022.

Clinical Pearls for the Long-Term Management of Obesity : Expert Perspectives and Discussions

Karli Burridge, PA-C, MMS, FOMA
Karli Burridge, PA-C
BaysHarold 2
Harold Bays, MD
Louis J. Aronne, MD
Louis Aronne, MD
  • Importance of recognizing and documenting obesity as a disease
  • Common questions from patients and providers about obesity treatment
  • Individualization of obesity treatment
  • Tips to improve reimbursement and insurance coverage for obesity management
  • The paradigm shifts in obesity management

CMHC Annual 2021 Obesity Management Panel

Holly Wyatt, MD
Holly Wyatt, MD
Michelle Look
Michelle Look, MD
EckelRobert 2
Robert Eckel, MD

CMHC Chair Robert Eckel and faculty Holly Wyatt, MD and Michelle Look, MD recap the obesity session topics discussed at the 16th Annual CMHC, including the importance of assessing and addressing pre-obesity, patient motivation advice, and considerations for long-term weight maintenance and obesity management.

CMHC Annual 2021 Rare Obesity Disorders Panel

Joan C Han MD
Joan Han, MD
Clair A Francomano
Clair Francomano, MD
EckelRobert 2
Robert Eckel, MD

CMHC Chair Robert Eckel, MD, recaps the session on rare obesity disorders discussed at the 16th Annual CMHC with session presenters Joan Han, MD, and Clair Francomano, MD. The session discussed monogenic disorders of obesity, including leptin pathway defects and Alström syndrome, as well as practical pearls for screening, diagnosis, and treatment.


NAFLD = non-alcoholic fatty liver disease; NASH = non-alcoholic steatohepatitis


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