Cardiometobolic Beat

In an effort to tackle the complexities of cardiometabolic health, CMHC presents Cardiometabolic Beat, a podcast where we bring you expert perspectives and views on the latest and clinically- relevant topics in cardiometabolic care.

CMHC Chrisandra Shufelt

Unique Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Women

RECORDED: August 18, 2023
Rachel Bond, MD, System Director of the Women’s Heart Health Program at Dignity Health in AZ, has a conversation with Chrisandra Shufelt, MD, Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic in FL, about unique cardiometabolic risk factors in women. They discuss the impact of adverse pregnancy outcomes across the lifespan and changes associated with the menopause transition on overall cardiometabolic risk assessment, as well as important clinical pearls in this setting.

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