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Kristine Burke, MD, ABFM, ABOIM, IFMCP

Kristine Burke, MD, ABFM, ABOIM, IFMCP


Kristine Burke, MD, ABFM, ABoIM is a triple board-certified Functional Medicine Physician, Entrepreneur, Author, Educator, and Researcher. She is an expert in the reversal and prevention of chronic diseases such as dementia, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. She has a special focus on mold-related illness and its connection to many conditions including CVD, chronic fatigue, and dementia and is actively involved in research into the reversal of the cognitive decline of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. She is the Founder and Medical Director of True Health Center for Functional Medicine in Northern California – a multi-disciplinary practice that delivers personalized primary care with a proprietary data-driven wellness plan that has successfully prevented any heart attacks from occurring among its member patients for over a decade.

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