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Nicholas B. Argento

Nicholas B. Argento



Nicholas B. Argento, MD FACE is a senior clinical endocrinologist at the Maryland Endocrine and Diabetes Center in Columbia, Maryland, where he serves as the Diabetes Technology Director and actively manages more than 500 patients on CGM, many for more than a decade. His practice emphasizes the implementation of advanced diabetes technology and other treatments to improve the lives of those with diabetes. His experience is enriched by the fact that he himself has had T1D since 1968.

He co-authored multiple chapters in the American Diabetes Association 2013 book, “Putting Your Patient on the Pump,” and is co-author of the 3rd edition, currently in preparation. He was primary investigator for 3 published retrospective studies on clinical aspects of CGM use, was first author or contributor to multiple commentaries on personal CGM use, and was first author of a T1D Exchange publication on the adverse impact of Medicare pump policies on patient care. He has presented on clinical aspects of CGM and diabetes technology at ADA, EASD, AACE, and Diabetes Technology Society scientific sessions, and spoken to regional, national and international audiences on CGM and insulin pump use.

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