Cardiometabolic Resources

We encourage our healthcare professionals and practitioners to take advantage of our newest online educational resources, designed to help you stay updated in the sphere of cardiovascular care. Our featured activities spotlight a range of relevant topics within cardiometabolic health, rooted in the most recent scientific research and findings. Enjoy the benefits of advanced education at your own convenience and schedule, while earning CME credits and staying clinically current.


Cardiometabolic Chronicle

Access our journal, a literary publication that features academic clinical articles, interviews with keynote faculty members, patient spotlights, and the need-to-know information in cardiometabolic care.

Faculty Spotlight

Get to know our faculty members, and gain further information surrounding their backgrounds and expertise, through multimedia videos.

Clinical Case Challenge

Access the most clinically current information surrounding the practice of personalized, customized medicine—and its application to the most complex and challenging cardiometabolic patient cases.

The Monthly Beat

Read our monthly newsletters, which feature popular blog posts, podcast episodes, scientific spotlights, and our most recent & upcoming events.

Cardiometabolic IQ Challenge

Learn about cardiometabolic risk factors & prevention methods through our interactive challenge quizzes.

Cardiometabolic Diseases Market

Trends and Growth Opportunities, Forecast to 2022.

CMHC Rewind

"CMHC Rewind" showcases videos that spotlight the most recently emerging technologies and strategies in cardiometabolic health, serving as an online resource center for virtual snippets that feature clinically current topics.

CMHC Prior Authorization for Access Resource Center

This educational space is designed to offer healthcare providers recommendations and resources for streamlining the prior authorization (PA) process.

Webinar Spotlight

Gain critical insights and in-depth knowledge from leading figures in cardiometabolic health at your own pace.

Culinary Wellness

Make use of our diverse array of nutritional recipes and video tutorials with over 130 healthful meals, appetizers, and desserts to choose from.

Conference Highlights

Review standout meeting highlights from our two events that took place in 2019: CMHC West and the 14th Annual Cardiometabolic Health Congress.

Popular Clinical Pearls

Popular Clinical Pearls

Collectively, conditions including cardiovascular and metabolic diseases—including type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome—comprise the leading global cause of preventable death. With approximately 1 in every 4 deaths in the United States due to heart disease, we have assembled clinical pearls designed to assist our clinicians, attendees, and members in staying apprised of the latest interventions and efforts surrounding cardiometabolic disease prevention. Because of the growing prevalence of obesity and other public health epidemics that exacerbate cardiometabolic disease, it is increasingly crucial for physicians to stay clinically current and educated, and to collectively combat CVD risk factors.