The Gut Microbiome and Cardiometabolic Health

Studies have linked inflammatory responses in the gut to a higher risk of developing cardiometabolic conditions such as cardiovascular disease (CVD) and type 2 diabetes (T2D). New research aims to test the hypothesis that diet modification can improve gut microbial composition and biosynthetic processes, which will, in turn, reduce inflammation and other biomarkers that are […]

Postgraduate Medicine’s Top 5 Cited Cardiometabolic Health Articles

By Howard A. Miller, MD As the Editor-in-Chief of Postgraduate Medicine (2020 Impact Factor: 3.84 and CiteScore: 4.4) I wanted to highlight the journal’s top 5 most cited articles in the cardiometabolic health field from the last 4 years. These articles explore various aspects of cardiometabolic health, including the definition of the interactions of risk […]

Hispanic Heritage Month: The State of Hispanic Cardiometabolic Health 

An annual celebration of the vast historic and cultural achievements of Hispanic/Latino Americans, Hispanic Heritage Month begins each year on September 15th and ends on October 15th. During this time organizations in the medical industry aim to highlight the health concerns disproportionately affecting this demographic— which makes up nearly 20% of the overall U.S. population —while […]

National Public Health Week: The Cardiometabolic Clinician’s Role in Public Health 

Taking place between April 5-11, 2021, National Public Health Week celebrates the importance of public health. This year, the week presents an opportunity to take a closer look at the particular challenges presented in the past year across the globe through a public health lens. In honor of this initiative, CMHC highlights the role of […]

The Cardiometabolic Medicine Market: Future Outlook and Industry Trends 2021 

Delaying elective surgeries and routine health services, the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to have significant effects on medicine across a broad range of specialties, however, cardiometabolic medicine may experience these implications more acutely. As many risk factors – including heightened stress levels, increased sedentary lifestyles, and decreased physical activity – are currently being perpetuated by […]

5 Can’t Miss Topics at the 14th Annual CMHC

Top 5 Cardiometabolic Health Topics You Can’t Miss at the 14th Annual CMHC Alarmingly, recent statistics indicate that over one-third of the population has at least one cardiometabolic risk factor, ranging from dyslipidemia and hypertension to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In the time of a cardiometabolic public health crisis, it is more important than ever […]

The Obesity Paradox in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes

In the past decade, the “obesity paradox” theory – which suggests an inverse association between BMI and cardiovascular outcome risk – has been a highly contested subject within the medical community. Type 1 diabetes is a well-established risk factor for cardiovascular disease, heart failure, and mortality, but it may prove especially detrimental in overweight and obese […]