National Public Health Week: The Cardiometabolic Clinician’s Role in Public Health 

Taking place between April 5-11, 2021, National Public Health Week celebrates the importance of public health. This year, the week presents an opportunity to take a closer look at the particular challenges presented in the past year across the globe through a public health lens. In honor of this initiative, CMHC highlights the role of […]

Evolution of Diabetes Care in the United States

Over the past decade, advancements in diabetes treatment and care in the United States have been vast, implicating the potential for a significant improvement of population health outcomes. However, many factors can influence the ability of a patient to receive adequate medical care – including accessibility, geographic location, and cost – and oftentimes marginalized demographics […]

The Urgency of Obesity: “The HIV of our age”

Across the world, experts on cardiovascular health and obesity are regularly discussing the urgency regarding the global health epidemic of obesity, considered to be the ‘HIV of our age. The metaphor is eerily accurate; obesity routinely kills millions of people across the world, and costs health institutions billions of dollars—despite its preventability. A 2007 Government […]


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