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At the Intersection of Metabolic and CVD Prevention

"The Cardiometabolic Health Congress is the ultimate opportunity to be updated on mechanisms and treatment of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia and thrombosis and how they relate to cardiovascular disease. It's a must for take-home information that can be immediately applied to the practice of preventive cardiology."

- Robert Eckel, MD - Aurora, CO

The Cardiometabolic Health Congress (CMHC) is more than an annual conference or regional meeting. Cardiometabolichealth.org provides a single point of access for busy practitioners to stay abreast of evolving science, clinical practice advances and continuing education in cardiometabolic disease prevention and management. CMHC provides a complete platform of education spanning live and digital communications that extends the energy and experience of our national and regional conferences throughout the year and to a wider audience of frontline clinicians with an interest in cardiometabolic health.

With more than one-third of the population having at least one cardiometabolic risk factor - dyslipidemia, CHD, hypertension, diabetes and/or obesity - the CMHC provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for busy clinicians to catch up on the latest developments in these overlapping areas of cardiometabolic health.

CMHC is more than a conference. It is a Complete Learning Experience.

With no board certification, graduate or medical school training formally recognized in Cardiometabolic Medicine, and continuing education that is delivered in specialty specific silos, the CMHC provides an integrated and comprehensive solution.

An Integrated Curriculum Addressing the Constellation of CMB Risk Factors

The CMHC has a decade of history bringing together experts across the spectrum of diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease to share ideas and foster collaborations. The program is at the cutting edge of science, translating the latest research to practical approaches for the entire multidisciplinary health care team. CMHC offers live conferences and online educational programs.

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Our History

The Cardiometabolic Health Congress launched in October 2006 in Boston and has grown to be the largest US-based, multidisciplinary conference addressing cardiometabolic disease prevention and its interdependencies through an integrated approach to education. CMHC Boston is held each October and attended by 1,300+ multidisciplinary health professionals seeking real-world solutions to integrate directly into their clinical practices. In 2015, CMHC expanded to include "Best of CMHC" regional meetings held in cities across the US.


Who Attends the CMHC? Overall 2014 CMHC Attendee Demographics

The Cardiometabolic Health Congress is produced by Tarsus®. The acquisition of the CMHC in early 2014 expanded Tarsus' medical division, Tarsus Medical Group, to include live and online medical education offerings focused on the prevention and management of cardiometabolic diseases.

Tarsus Medical Group provides a comprehensive, revolutionary collection of global events focused on valuable live and online medical education programs for healthcare practitioners of various specialties. All entities are geared at providing clinical education focused on disease prevention and management, taking into account a rapidly changing health industry.