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Cardiometabolic Health Congress: Game Changing Science Meets Clinical Practice in Boston


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BOSTON, October. 9, 2014-The Cardiometabolic Health Congress (CMHC) will hold its 9th annual meeting October 22-25 at the Sheraton Boston Hotel. As the leading destination for 1,400+ clinicians and Industry attendees, the CMHC offers a one-of-a-kind forum to learn the latest science and strategy for managing patients with cardiovascular and metabolic disorders.

This year’s Congress is particularly important. “It’s been a pivotal year in CVD prevention, with a number of new, controversial guidelines released that impact clinical practice,” said CMHC Chairperson, Dr. Christie Ballantyne. The Opening Session on Thursday, October 23 will feature guideline authors and experts, including Sidney Smith, Jr., MD, Neil Stone, MD, Scott Grundy, MD, Robert Eckel, MD, and Jay Skyler, MD, who will review the rationale for the recommendations and provide expert perspective on how to move beyond the controversy to actionable improvements in patient care.

CMHC’s unparalleled faculty will present novel research and treatment approaches ranging from the role of inflammation in CVD to significant genetic discoveries, including PCSK9 inhibition and APOC3 polymorphisms, to the bionic pancreas and the impact of gut microbiota on obesity. The sessions will explore innovations in science, the clinical application of studies and trials, the use of existing therapies, and their impact on patient outcomes.

“The firestorm of diabetes and metabolic syndrome continues to spread with the increasing incidence of hypertension and hypercholesterolemia acting like gasoline to further fuel the flames and contribute to higher CV morbidity and mortality. The CMHC is the place to get the latest information on quelling this epidemic,” said George Bakris, MD, CMHC Chairperson.

The CMHC offers more than 50 sessions and symposia, on topics ranging from less well known rare diseases, to the highly prevalent and intertwined diseases of dyslipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. Unlike any other single specialty conference in the U.S., the CMHC provides a truly comprehensive educational experience for practicing clinicians.

“The Congress I believe is exceptionally valuable to clinicians who are caring for individuals with cardiometabolic disorders day-to-day since our expert faculty deliberately focuses on translating ground-breaking research into real-world solutions for improving patient care. I’m proud that CMHC is taking a practical lead on these important public health issues,” emphasized Nicola Sirdevan, CMHC’s Director of Medical Education.

For a complete list of speakers, agenda and registration details for the Cardiometabolic Health Congress, visit: or call 732-758-0030.

Contact MaryEllen Fama at 732-758-0030 or [email protected].


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