CMHC Education Resource Center

CMHC Online offers a single access point for educational resources and online courses featuring the expert content and faculty from CMHC live events. Stay current on the latest clinical research and strategies, while testing your knowledge of essential topics in cardiometabolic risk management and CVD prevention. Select from a comprehensive array of complimentary CME-CE activities in a variety of formats to meet your needs, available on-demand and on-the-go!

CMHC is more than a conference.

It is a Complete Learning Experience.

T2DM Management

These online educational activities focus on multiple topics within T2DM management including: insulin initiation and intensification, insulin barriers, managing CVD in patients with T2DM, and identifying when and how to utilize new insulin and non-insulin therapies based on efficacy and safety. Multiple educational formats are utilized to challenge learners level of thinking.

Lipid Management

Lipid management is crucial in reducing morbidity and mortality in patients with cardiometabolic disease. These educational activities focus on new and emerging treatments, including PCSK9 inhibitors, for lowering LDL-C levels in patients with hypercholesterolemia, familial hypercholesterolemia (FH), T2DM, and heart failure.

Heart Failure

These online educational activities cover a broad spectrum of topics within heart failure. Experts focus on topics including: the efficacy and safety of newer treatments and managing high risk patients, such as African Americans and patients with chronic kidney disease. A challenging virtual patient case is also offered that navigates the management of hyponatremia, a common comorbidity, in a patient with heart failure.

Renal Disease

Renal disease is often a comorbidity of cardiovascular disease. In these educational activities, experts bring the most up-to-date evidence-based data on the management of hyperkalemia to participants.