3 Powerful Strategies: Combatting Cardiometabolic Risk Factors for Black Americans 

This February the intersection of American Heart Health Month and Black History Month underscores the deeply profound and layered legacy of health inequality in America—which, sadly, persists to this day. Black History Month is a poignant backdrop to the alarming rise in obesity and type 2 diabetes, particularly among those of marginalized populations. This troubling […]

African American Contributions to Cardiometabolic Medicine

As a celebration of African American men and women, this Black History Month CMHC honors the unparalleled contributions to the field of cardiometabolic medicine by pioneers in health care and modern medicine. Not only have these medical professionals improved health care access for African Americans and promoted racial equality in hospitals and other institutions, but […]

Black History Month: Cardiovascular Health in the African American Population

February marks the beginning of Black History Month a tribute to African American men and women and annual commemoration of their achievements throughout U.S. history. Coinciding with American Heart Month, which strives to raise awareness among the population about cardiovascular health and disease prevention, the month of February brings much needed attention to persisting gaps […]


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