Unraveling the Link Between Mental Health and Cardiovascular Disease 

mental health and Cardiovascular disease

The profound link between the heart and mind has been the subject of much research for some time, with newer studies reinforcing the existing evidence as well as offering deeper insights. A large number of studies have shown that individuals coping with conditions like depression, anxiety, or stress face an elevated risk of cardiovascular problems. […]

Exploring the Relationship Between Optimism & Cardiovascular Health

Optimism has been linked to professional and academic success, increased quality of life, and even improved physical health markers. Prior research has evidenced a clear association between negative emotions, social factors, and chronic stress conditions along with adverse cardiac outcomes. Until recently, studies of the impact of an individual’s mindset on cardiovascular outcomes and all-cause […]

Mental Health Month: The Intersection of Mental Illness and Cardiometabolic Disease

May marks the beginning of Mental Health Month a period which aims to bring awareness to the reality of millions of people across the globe living with mental illness. Although mental health has historically been viewed as separate from physical health, mounting scientific evidence suggests these two facets are much more closely intertwined. Research reveals that […]

How Depression Affects Heart Health

Joshua Samuels, MD, MPH

Two new studies highlight the negative impact of depression on the health outcomes and health-related quality of life of people with cardiovascular disease. A new study has found that undiagnosed depression can significantly affect the lives of those who had a heart attack, and an increasing body of evidence points to a strong correlation between […]


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