10 of the Most Influential Nurses in History

For Women’s History Month, the team at NurseJournal.org is featuring 10 famous nurses who changed the nursing profession by breaking racial barriers, reshaping the healthcare landscape, and founding organizations that impacted the world. Today, more than 90% of nurses are women. Cardiometabolic Health Congress, joins Nurse Journal to salute all the hard-working, compassionate, and visionary nurses shaping the future […]

Women’s History Month: The History of Women in Cardiometabolic Medicine

Historically, women have been underrepresented and unrecognized in Western society’s timeline of scientific discovery and medical innovation despite their contributions to the field. This trend slowly began to shift when the first wave of female medical graduates in the mid-1850s spurred an influx of women pursuing careers in medicine whose research contributions not only saved […]

Women’s History Month: 5 Renowned Women in Cardiology

In a field typically dominated by men, women comprise only one-third of scientific researchers and only 13% of cardiologists yet their critical research contributions and historical innovations continue to shape the practice of cardiometabolic medicine. As a celebration of Women’s History Month, CMHC is spotlighting five female pioneers in the field of cardiovascular health whose […]