Cardiometabolic Chronicle

The Utility of Genetic Testing in Cardiometabolic Health

Genetic testing is one of the cornerstones of personalized medicine, and while this approach has made significant strides in other therapeutic areas, such as cancer, the utility and applicability of genetic testing in cardiometabolic disease remains a novel area of investigation. However, there are certain high-risk familial cardiometabolic conditions where genetic testing is currently a viable approach to care, and in several other areas of cardiometabolic medicine this approach is gaining momentum. We discussed the current state of genetic testing for cardiometabolic health and much more with Elizabeth McNally, MD, PhD.

CARDIOMETABOLIC CHRONICLE: When we talk about genetic testing in cardiometabolic disease, it definitely encompasses several therapeutic areas, but what are some of the disease states that we have a good understanding about the role of genetics as a driver of disease development and progression?


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