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Cardiometabolic Health Congress Moves its 14th Annual Event to Chicago

Boca Raton, Florida, Jan 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Taking place from October 10-13, 2019, this year’s 14th Annual CMHC will be located in Chicago. Having previously taken place in Boston for the past several conferences, the move was based on extensive discussions with attendees, coupled with considerable feedback regarding the Boston venue. In upgrading and outgrowing the previous location, the CMHC team is committed to an overall focus on enhancing the attendee experience at Marriott Marquis Chicago: a four-star downtown hotel that combines modern style with world-class service. Offering a host of amenities and a central location that allows attendees to explore and enjoy nearby famous Chicago attractions, the new venue boasts over 1,200 guest rooms, multiple dining options, 93,000-square-feet of event & meeting space, and a 30-foot-tall lobby space. Designed through a collaboration between a number of design and architectural firms, the hotel’s historic 1912 structure additionally features a curated collection of commissioned art pieces from over 30 Chicago-based artists.

The Cardiometabolic Event of the Year™ will present an extensive array of cutting-edge lecturers and thought leaders, clinical educational sessions, and interactive lectures: all of which will collectively deliver the most recent clinical research in cardiometabolic health to attendees. The Chairpersons and Senior Planning Committee are working to include sessions that address the most critical and acute issues in cardiometabolic care, including: “Prevention of Metabolic Syndrome,” “Role of Genetic Risk Scores for the Prevention of Cardiometabolic Disease,” “SGLT2 Inhibitors and Renal Preservation,” “Lifestyle Approaches to Weight Reduction: Challenges Before Us,” and “Hypertension: Integrating the Guidelines and Addressing the Gaps.” The event will additionally host supplemental Professional Medical Education workshops and complimentary CME symposia, and an Exhibit Hall featuring the latest therapeutic developments in cardiometabolic health.

This year’s event will feature an increasingly dynamic agenda, rooted in the most current research in cardiometabolic health, and focused on a series of new educational opportunities, CME lectures, and topics: delivered through interactive infographics, video animation, and other innovative formats. Similar to last year’s highly successful and widely-attended small group workshops, the 14th Annual will include complimentary workshops that run concurrent to other sessions and breaks: intimate group settings that allow increased opportunities to network and engage with faculty members, and participate in Q&A interactive discussions. Based on attendees’ feedback, responses, and specific topic interests & requests, the workshops will highlight “ACC & ADA Unified Approach to CV Risk Reduction,” “Navigating Insulin Access and Control,” “The Role of Potassium-Binding Agents in Optimizing HF Guidelines,” “Progresses and Challenges in Obesity Pharmacotherapy,” and more.

The newest addition to the agenda includes the Cardiometabolic Technology Summit, hosted in partnership with MedTech Impact on Wellness: “Digital Advancements and Practical Solutions.” The pre-conference session will focus on the most recently emerging technological & digital advancements in the industry of cardiometabolic care, with topics including big data and its role in cardiometabolic health, developments in genetic testing, newly developed medical devices, patient usage, and more. With faculty lecturer Dr. Anne L. Peters spearheading several sessions on how to implement technology into patient care, the summit promises to provide attendees with real-world applications and methods.

With a faculty team committed to implementing the newest, most innovative research & technologies, the event is dedicated to providing hands-on clinical applications that can immediately be integrated into practice. As the growing international public health crisis of cardiovascular disease continues to plague the globe, it is imperative for clinicians to equip themselves with hands-on therapeutic practices & protocols that can be directly applied to patients. With recent statistics indicating that over one-third of the population has at least one cardiometabolic risk factor—including dyslipidemia, CVD, hypertension, diabetes, and/or obesity—the Cardiometabolic Health Congress serves as the go-to forum for health practitioners to stay educated and clinically current. Moreover, the 14th Annual event marks an exciting and unique opportunity for attendees to be at the forefront of the healthcare industry, and further offers a convenient and accessible forum for clinicians to network, engage, and internalize the latest developments in cardiometabolic health and care.

About the Cardiometabolic Health Congress

The Cardiometabolic Health Congress (CMHC) is more than an annual conference or regional meeting. CMHC provides a single point of access for busy practitioners to stay abreast of evolving science, clinical practice advances, and continuing education in cardiometabolic disease prevention and management. CMHC provides a complete platform of education spanning live and digital communications that extends the energy and experience of our national and regional conferences throughout the year to an audience of frontline clinicians with vested interests in cardiometabolic health.

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