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Thus far, the thiazide-like diuretics fare considerably better than the thiazides- dose, half-life, potency, end-organ damage risk, and mortality. Therefore, the benefits with these diuretics place them at the forefront with other groups of antihypertensive treatments. The thiazide-like diuretics have the potential to be a primary candidate as a leading choice of medication to treat hypertension, although further detailed analyses are needed. Concludingly, every course of drugs has its upside and downside; we have to scrutinize each aspect of the drug (structure and functional mechanism) and the patient (medical history of self and family) before prescribing a particular combination of medicines to treat hypertension.

Progga Sen, Ph.D., is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Stanford University School of Medicine and Veterans Affairs Health Care System in Palo Alto, CA.


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