Cardiometabolic Health Congress (CMHC) Launches Focused Digital Education Hubs

Cardiometabolic health education leader CMHC announced that its digital education has been streamlined into 12 hubs organized by therapeutic or clinical topics for focused learning The digital education from worldwide cardiometabolic event leader CMHC has undergone a reorganization. A vast collection of webinars, CME activities, expert interviews, on-demand event recordings, news articles, drug pipelines, and […]

A New Era of Obesity Treatment

A combination GIP and GLP-1 receptor could be the next groundbreaking treatment option for people with overweight or obesity, researchers reported. The first-of-its-kind class of combination drug was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in May 2022 for the treatment of type 2 diabetes (T2D), but a new study suggests that it […]

Join CMHC in Supporting Obesity Care Week 2021!

CMHC is a proud Champion of Obesity Care Week (OCW). We strongly support this awareness week, set for February 28th – March 6th, 2021 and encourage you to join us in supporting Obesity Care Week 2021! About Obesity Care Week (OCW) Obesity Care Week is an annual public awareness effort supported by more than 60 […]

Disparities in Obesity Management in Primary Care

Currently, around 90 million U.S. adults are classified as obese with a disproportionate amount of socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals affected. As recently proven, obesity can worsen COVID-19 outcomes alongside increasing the risk of cardiometabolic conditions, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and other health conditions. Despite the significant disease burden placed on population health and the public […]

The Impact of Obesity on Pediatric COVID-19 Illness

Lockdowns imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic have had negative health implications for populations of all ages across the globe, resulting in an increase in cardiometabolic risk factors and decrease in mental health. Recent research points to the detrimental effect of the global pandemic on pediatric health, impacting dietary and sleep patterns as well as […]

Learn about the Obesity Action Coalition and its FREE Resources!

The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is a National non-profit organization dedicated to giving a voice to people affected by the disease of obesity and helping individuals along their journey toward better health. Our core focuses are awareness, education, advocacy and support. The OAC offers a wide range of tools and resources for anyone interested in […]

Diversions in Eating Schedules Tied to Increased BMI

Nutritional patterns play a well-established role in cardiometabolic health; dietary choices have implications on a host of diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and can greatly affect patient health outcomes. In recent years, an important aspect of nutrition other than the type and quality of foods being consumed has been highlighted as more evidence […]

Tackling Obesity and Diabetes with Caffeine

 As a substantial public health crisis, obesity – and its host of comorbid cardiometabolic conditions  – continues to demand improved prevention efforts and treatment methods to deter its rapidly increasing prevalence. While rates of obesity continue to rise and patients increasingly suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other related health complications, ongoing growth within the […]

Gastric Bypass for Very Obese Teens

The prevalence of obesity in the American population shows few signs of regression, which increasingly draws  concern for younger demographics. Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder affecting younger age groups with approximately 21-24% overweight and 16-18% obese children and adolescents. The complexity and multifactorial nature of the disorder make treatment strategies difficult; long-term complications associated […]

Health Paradox: Decrease in New Diabetes Cases as Obesity Rates Rise

The connection between obesity and type 2 diabetes is well known, leading health professionals to believe a rise in incidence of the former would positively correlate with the number of diabetes diagnoses. However, despite climbing obesity rates, the number of new cases of diabetes in U.S. adults continues to decline – a paradox confusing health […]


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