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Our online, interactive learning event, CMHC West Live Online: Complexities in Cardiometabolic Care, connects healthcare practitioners to eminent education in the field of cardiometabolic health from the setting of their choosing. Live-streamed sessions focused on the unique challenges experienced by cardiometabolic practitioners will provide actionable and practical tools to help clinicians navigate the current practice landscape; they will also provide opportunities for participants to ask questions and hear direct responses from faculty members throughout the conference. CMHC West Live attendees can expect to engage with the latest clinical evidence and obtain a comprehensive education delivered in an interactive and easy-to-navigate format by prominent leaders in cardiometabolic health.

Curated by a faculty panel of world-renowned experts in the field, this conference will spotlight the latest clinical education providing a holistic and expert understanding of a variety of topics ranging from obesity and diabetes management to kidney disease and hypertension. The final day of our online event will be dedicated to an interactive specialty summit exploring participant-submitted case studies highlighting advanced approaches for challenging patient cases. CMHC Live Online will provide the opportunity to join world-renowned experts in an investigative deep dive of the latest advances in cardiometabolic knowledge.

What Clinicians Can Expect 

Attendees of the CMHC West Live event can expect to receive the most clinically current, relevant, and applicable knowledge in the field of cardiometabolic health while learning targeted strategies aimed at combating the growing epidemic of cardiovascular disease and its many risk factors.

Access the Latest Clinical Education

The three-day event will feature the latest and most comprehensive clinical education in cardiometabolic medicine, giving attendees the opportunity to engage with the most cutting-edge techniques and up-to-date data: including content focused on obesity and lifestyle medicine, kidney disease, hypertension, and diabetes management as well as standards of cardiometabolic care.

Furthermore, attendees will be introduced to the fusion of cultural heritage and cardiometabolic health via sessions spotlighting the most recent results from clinical trials specifically exploring aspects related to indigenous communities through thought-provoking and innovative education.  

Hear From World-Renowned Faculty, Clinicians, & Speakers

Each session at CMHC West Live has been carefully designed and planned by our expert panel of the most respected and renowned leaders in the cardiometabolic field. Leading CMHC Chairpersons include George L. Bakris, MD, Christie M. Ballantyne, MD, Robert H. Eckel, MD, and Anne L. Peters, MD. 

George L. Bakris, MD 

Dr. Bakris is a distinguished Professor of Medicine and Director at the ASH Comprehensive Hypertension Center at the University of Chicago. Having published over 700 articles and book chapters investigating kidney disease, hypertension, and nephropathy progression, Dr. Bakris is an expert in the field. He has served on many national committees, including the American Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Guideline committee, and currently serves as a special government expert to the Cardio-renal Advisory Board of the FDA and CMS as well as an editorial board member of 16 renowned scientific publications.

Christie M. Ballantyne, MD  

Professor of Medicine and Chief of Cardiovascular Research and Cardiology at the Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Ballantyne is one of the most prominent experts in the field of lipids, atherosclerosis, and heart disease prevention. Dr. Ballantyne’s research efforts in prevention techniques led him to become an established investigator for the American Heart Association. He has been elected as Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Society of Clinical Investigation, and the Association of American Physicians and has been recognized as one of “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds” by Thomson Reuters.

Robert H. Eckel, MD 

Dr. Eckel, a Charles A Boettcher II Endowed Chair in Atherosclerosis, is the retired Professor of Medicine in the Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism, Diabetes and Cardiology, at the University of Colorado. He currently serves as the Director of the Lipid Clinic at the University of Colorado Hospital and Program Director of the National Center for Research Resources Discovery Translation. His research efforts have focused on the pathogenesis and treatment of lipid disorders, obesity, metabolic syndrome, as well as diabetes; Dr. Eckel’s research is targeted at uncovering basic mechanisms of how metabolic diseases relate to cardiovascular and pulmonary disease to gather data that will lead to more favorable diagnostics and therapeutic options.

Anne L. Peters, MD 

Keck School of Medicine professor at the University of Southern California, Dr. Peters also serves as the Director of Clinical Diabetes Programs and has been a principal investigator on multiple prominent clinical trials focused on diabetes and diabetes prevention. Dr. Peters has published several books on diabetes and over 100 scientific articles in peer-reviewed medical journals such as JAMA, the New England Journal of Medicine, and Diabetes Care. Currently, she serves on the ABIM Endocrine Board, multiple ADA committees, and EASD/ADA Diabetes Technology Committee.

The Latest Clinical Topics

At CMHC West Live, our panel of world-renowned cardiometabolic experts will spotlight the latest and most clinically relevant education in an extensive range of topics from disease management strategies to novel therapeutic methods aimed at improving patient outcomes.

The full agenda for the virtual event can be accessed here.

Obesity and Lifestyle Medicine 

The initial Obesity and Lifestyle Medicine Session on Friday August 7, 2020 will be chaired by Robert H. Eckel, MD and will spotlight disease management techniques among many other topics. Experts will discuss practical approaches to exercise and lifestyle interventions, the challenges and advances in obesity pharmacotherapy, the NAFLD and NASH spectrum, and will cover prominent nutritional controversies in the field of cardiometabolic health. 

Diabetes Management 

 As the second session of the day, Diabetes Management will delve into clinical updates in diabetes management and disease progression. Chaired by Anne L. Peters, MD, the session will explore the intricacies of metabolic surgery and its role in diabetes remission, strategies for delaying the progression of prediabetes to diabetes and implications for frontline clinicians, as well as updates for intensive glucose control. Experts will also delve into type 2 diabetes management in children and young adults as well as the challenges of T2D management when cost and accessibility are an issue.

Kidney Disease, Heart Failure, Hypertension 

Chaired by George L. Bakris, MD, the Kidney Disease, Heart Failure, and Hypertension session will take place on Saturday August 8, 2020 and will explore the latest clinical data in the diagnosis and management of resistant hypertension including challenging cases and issues. Experts will address advances in prevention of and treatment of heart failure and novel methods of improving renal outcomes. Panel discussions and Q&A sessions will further explore approaches to elevating the standard of care.

Dyslipidemia, Atherosclerosis, Thrombosis 

The second session of the day – Dyslipidemia, Atherosclerosis, and Thrombosis – will be chaired by Christie M. Ballantyne, MD. Topics discussed will include strategies for personalized lipid therapy, updates on antiplatelet and antithrombotic therapies, as well as statin drug interactions in cardiovascular patients. Further, experts will also present updates in secondary ASCVD prevention as well as opportunities for improved prevention and treatment in individuals of South Asian descent.

Complexities in Cardiometabolic Care Summit

The final day of the CMHC West Live event will center around the unique challenges faced by clinicians in the management of patients with cardiometabolic disease. Led by the four CMHC Chairpersons, the one-day summit will address the future of cardiometabolic medicine as a specialty outlining diagnostic, prevention, and clinical decision-making methods to optimize patient outcomes. Tackling the complexity of cardiometabolic care, our expert panel will present challenging patient cases submitted by attendees and explore optimal management solutions.


Clinicians interested in gaining an expert and comprehensive understanding of the latest clinical pearls, advancements, and approaches to cardiometabolic medicine are invited to join other world-renowned practitioners, researchers, and educators at the interactive, virtual CMHC West Live Online event. It’s not too late to register for our innovative conference, sign up here to attend.







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