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Speaker Spotlight

Jeffrey M. Friedman, MD, PhD

Professor, Rockefeller University
Senior Investigator
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
New York, NY

It was Dr. Jeffrey Friedman's laboratory that originally identified the hormonal signal leptin and its receptors. At CMHC 2015 Dr. Friedman reviewed how leptin regulates body weight, how leptin was identified, and how it may be used to treat obese patients with low leptin levels. He also discussed the role of leptin in treating low-leptin diabetes/lipodystrophy and explored the hypothesis that normal-weight "metabolically obese" patients likely have a polygenic form of lipodystrophy.

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CME Digital Monograph

CME Challenge

This digital monograph, featuring video snippets and key slides from the 2015 CMHC Annual meeting examines hypertriglyceridemia as a highly prevalent, yet modifiable, risk factor for pancreatitis, cardiovascular disease (CVD) and associated complications. Experts share the latest on triglyceride management including the safety, efficacy, and tolerability of pharmacologic agents alone and in combination with statins.

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