CMHC Pulse Blog

What do you think is going to be the next big thing in your field over the next decade?

At the patient level, I think medicine is going to get more and more precise and personalized based on a patient’s characteristics, and here I don’t mean just genetics. Factors like where patients live, how do they interact with the medical community, in addition to their genetic makeup, will be important. How can you precisely use medications in one person or the other? That is a very exciting area. We’ve been talking about it for decades now, but I think we’re definitely in a much better position to apply this today and in the near future.

At the healthcare systems level, the conversation is going to be about what can systems do to assist clinicians in delivering care that is guideline directed. So what cognitive support can be given so that healthcare systems can survive through electronic medical records (EMR), because EMR has become very detailed, and how can we simplify it to the point where it is not a deterrent but actually something that creates more opportunities for clinicians to better take care of patients. This includes providing point-of-care support, solutions and tools that that can guide clinicians to better know the patient in front of them, and how to optimize care in this patient in the best possible way


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